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  1. So, basically it's kinda impossible to fix as I suspected. Knowing this I'll save a lot of time I would have used to try to fix it in every detail. I'll check if it's the same in FM 18 once I get the game. Many thanks for the help
  2. Even if you trained Italy IRL you would probably do better than Ventura
  3. Hi everyone, For FM 16 there are several databases who modify the european cups to the 90s rules. By restricting Champions league to national league winners only, and restoring the Cup winners cup (plus intertoto and other stuff). One thing I noticed is that all of them have a similar bug of the game not noticing qualifications, even if the competitions work properly. Basically my problem is that the game no longer recognize the continental qualification rules in the national leagues (see pics below), even if the teams do actually qualify to european cups correctly. There is no longer any 'ECC' or 'EC' written on the side of the top teams at the end of a season. For this reason at the beginning of the season it's no longer possible to set "qualify to Europa League" as expectation, only "finish around top of the league" Despite this problem at the end of the season the teams are properly assigned to the european cups for the next year, although no news of it is given in the game. I checked several dbs and the edited rules several times but nothing changed. So is this inevitably caused by the game code if you modify cups or can it be fixed somehow? I'm using a slightly modified version of this mod currently Many thanks in advance.
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