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  1. @Russell Hammant I just started my MLS save and I'm experiencing the same thing. Senior non-DP foreign transfers are being cancelled because it's trying to deduct the transfer money from GAM instead of the transfer budget.
  2. As it stands now (if I'm understanding it correctly) all players will do the "Recovery + Rest" thing even if the player wasn't picked in the previous match. I want the players that played to do the "Recovery + Rest" and the players that did not participate to train as normal. What i do is I set (manually) in the "Rest" tab, all players that participated in the previous game to "No pitch or gym work" but that won't include the "Recovery" session which is essential for their fitness. And have the training calendar to full training for the rest of the team So my suggestion is have an option to do the recovery training individually rather than the whole team. We already have an option to rest players individually, maybe we can combine the rest + recovery for players that played last match.
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