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  1. Just built brand new top of the line pc. Its awesome. Yet low and behold after reinstalling the game... the 3d match engine is still lagging! Hahahahaha. What a disgrace. Immediately uninstalled.
  2. Hahaha just popped my head in to see if this might have been resolved. If course not. Building a new pc now. Wont bother going through this nonsense again. Will absolutely NOT but fm21 until its confirmed that this issue no longer exists. Daylight robbery.
  3. Yeah im happy to give it a go if its real. Ice gotten somewhat addicted to total war: empires now. Pretty much jist wrote it off. Ill be more careful next year. Have basically spunked money away 3 straight years while this issue has been there. Fingers crossed though.
  4. Id like to know. I uninstalled the game but if its fixed ill get it installed and give a go. Unfortunately nobody has confirmed its done anything
  5. Yep fm 19 at least had a workaround via launch options. 18 had vsync settings you could tweak. FM 20 is unsalvageable. The lag/stuttering renders it unplayable and they dont care mate. They didnt care in fm18 but got lucky that a small tweak in control panel fixed things. They didnt care in fm19 but some hero found a fix in steam launch options... there will be no fix from FM as they dont give a ... Ill keep looking in for a solution... it is mildy enraging though
  6. Havent played for days. I look in here every day for a solution to try. Whats more annoying than anything is how theyre not even remotely botgered that a significant portion of their customers are experiencing it. The last time I tried to play I was borderline epileptic after one game in 3d. Cowboys.
  7. None of the above worked. Not only that but i think the sound effects are worse. I knocked ot off and played cricket 19... which is great is not a simulator and works perfectly. Joke this year. Games a wreck.
  8. I think this is actually valid. I can play with settings and sometines reload skin and so forth in the hopes of getting it smoothed out. Invariably if i see any success its just for 1 or 2 games and straight back to how it was. Ive read a couple of comments to same effect.
  9. Its bizarre mate. We mostly are not on laptops on thos thread. High end gaming pc's with no issues running the more demanding games out there. Yet this match engine apparently too much for our cpus to handle. Havent played in days. Want to. But cant as its utterly unstable.
  10. Ive tried the lot at this point. Even tried throttling my monitor to 60hz last night. No luck unfortunately. There are no workarounds as far as i know this year. Unlike last coiple of years anyway. Embarrassing effort. Entire game feels completely unstable.
  11. Lag in the match engine not related to match engine? If not can you tell me what im looking at? In the match engine...
  12. This is the crux of it. They wont yet this fixed bc they havent given a toss about what they consider a small number of effected players for 3 years.
  13. They dont care. Id add it to the main match lag thread so they can see how many ppl this is affecting. Its just about an epileptic danger to society
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