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  1. Still lagging. Its a 3 year old issue. Its never been resolved. Ive played cricket 19, witcher. Deliverance... never an issue. Yet the masterful 3d match engine is an unstable mess, every year.
  2. Im getting this and instances of a pause in any sound at all for 2 or 3 seconds. Agree it seems connected to the lag issue.
  3. Ibdont get it. Literally havent changed a thing and its lagging again. It keeps me hanging in there cos ive seen it smooth but why would it just suddenl go back to lagging in the ME? I changed nothing.
  4. Tried game after update. Really comes down to this for me. With settings on Match set to recommended (high) five stars: With shadow on: horrendous lag, even some flashing and stuttering. Unplayable. With shadow off: completely smooth. So jn a nutshell. Playable. Although id much prefer to enjoy the experience with shadow enabled. Still feels all a bit unstable in truth.
  5. Hey goodname. I got it smootged out after clearing my cache last night and using the settings you posted. Have you tried with the new update adding shadow and better crowd quality? Still no lag?
  6. Thanks again. Makes it better but still noticeable lag. Also... i have a powerful machine... powerful enough to where i shouldnt have an issue putting shadow into the match engine. Still not enjoyable experience for me unfortunately.
  7. Same thing happened last year. There was a workaround which made the game "bearable" for most. Not found by SI but my some dude using 3D rendering in the pre launch options. It doesnt work this year. As soon a s they think the community has "fixed" the issue. They move on. Its been 3 years of the same pattern. The game isnt fixed. We all have powerful machines and although a new skin might make it a little better for me, i still get lag. Im 100 percent confident not one thing will be done to fix this.
  8. Thanks mate, will give it a go later. Shame we have to turn shadows off and will see about crowd quality. Hope they fix this at some point.
  9. Has not fixed for me. I get up to 115 fps unstable in the game and l still have horrendous stutter/lag. Are you guys doing anything with Nvidia settings at the same time?
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