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  1. What happened with Tiote and McClaren? Pleased with the signings though, people have overlooked our lack of quality in CM I'd say.
  2. Do you really believe it's 'Mission accomplished for McClaren'? I seriously doubt he goes out to lose games every week. I'm bored and frustrated with losing every week but to imply that any team would go out to lose on purpose is plain ridiculous, and to suggest Ashley has some intent to ruin the club is crazy too, at the end of the day he's a businessman and which businessman wants to lose on a investment or devalue it, you can come up with whatever conspiracy you like but some of the remarks you make are just crazy. I'm not Ashley's biggest fan, in fact I refuse to go to his shops, but he would not willingly go out and lose on an investment. On today's game, it just highlights the need for a clinical striker, that's going to be a very tough ask though. I'd like to see Austin brought in but I think we will just have to wait and see, I do think we will definitely sign at least one player this window though like the window a few years back when we signed Sissoko, Haidara and a few others.
  3. Afternoon people, how are the core m5y10 processors at handling FM? I'm considering a laptop, it's coupled with 8GB RAM.
  4. I sell him straight away, easy £10m or so, he doesn't really fit into any system I play all that well, and when he does I can normally source a replacement for less than he costs. Sold him Southampton for £11.75m first window. He's been below average for them. Good money maker.
  5. I'm finding it much harder as well, was 17th until about March when I managed to start turning things around, signed most of my players over 48 months to get them in. Simone Zaza was a beast after he'd been listed by Juve, got him for £11m sold him to Dortmund in the summer for £31.5M! Ended up first season finishing 14th, second season 8th and now I'm 11 games into my third season and I'm 5th. The turn around for me was looking at Cleon's tactics threads. I'm tinkering with PI more than I used to.
  6. I'm also having the same problem with my Mac.
  7. There's a lot of junk popping up on some of the download links. So frustrating.
  8. I'm really struggling so far with NUFC, I'm having some horrendous scoreless! Just lost 4-0 at home to Palace.
  9. I'm sure if you look at most premier league clubs that stat would probably ring true, there's been some huge defeats across the board... Even for the big teams. The overall attacking quality has increased significantly over the past few years in the prem.
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