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  1. Aw ok. I noticed that two teams relageted from second to third division where put in the third division saterday and not both, so I dunno.
  2. @claassen Dutch League. Derde Divisie Zondag 1 promotion, Derde Divisie Zaterdag 4 promotions, this should be 2 promotions in both Divisions? In rules Tweede Divisie it says: Bottom 2 teams are relegated to Hoofdklasse Zondag C, this should be Derde Divisie and 1 team in Derde Divisie Zondag and 1 team in Derde Divisie Zaterdag? Kind regards.
  3. @darren1983 Hello, I have a question regarding to the database. I wanna start in England and there is a download for "huge" database. Is it allowed? Also, there are playing some clubs from Wales in England...is it allowed to add the database from Wales aswell?
  4. I still have a 30GB USB stick full of dump, but thinking of using it for readyboost. Does anyone have experience with this? Is it any faster in FM games? Just curious.
  5. @Felix Wilkie @Neil Brock I found the solution. This concerns people who have a AMD Radeon graphics card. It is NOT a fault by SI update, but it's really a fault of the graphics driver of AMD. On the AMD-website you can download this programm which automatically detects and update your drivers on your PC or laptop. However I think this detect-system stinks. It updated my AMD Radeon 8690M, but I don't have that card, cause I have a AMD Radeon 8690A and not M, so it messed up the the FM game sadly and I blamed SI afterwards, wich was false, cause it really was a fault by me and AMD. If other people encounter the same problems like I had, don't update by autodetect, just update it by windows-update or also in my case the Dell website. I had to completely format my C-drive, cause after removing the AMD driversoftware, it was comming back with the false drivername, but no problem...like to do that...keeps me busy:) So Felix and Neil...if you have other people with the same problems I had...use this story as reference...Peace!
  6. @Felix Wilkie I did all of the above. Didnt solve my issue. It says if you still have troubles I should post it in https://community.sigames.com/forum/564-crashes-and-technical-issues-pc/ Well tell me please how, cause its closed.
  7. Yep I did all that yesterday and today. Doesnt solve the issue. Like I said...when you install FM for the first time on steam, the game downloads a small DirectX file before launching FM and when it does...the game runs smoothly, like version 18.1.2 did. However, on version 18.1.3 the game doesnt download the required DirectX file and there is no way for me to get back to the earlier version, cause I did a clean install on my PC...wish I had one. FM downloads immediately the latest update.
  8. Nope, did a clean install yesterday (whole pc)...so also no logos, facepacks. I never do that before everything works. It worked on the previous update 18.1.2, also with clean install, but somehow is doesnt work on the new 18.1.3 update. I know from experience that when you start FM for the first time, it download a small file from DirextX, but this wasnt the case in 18.1.3. I think that's the issue here, If I can install 18.1.2 it will work, but dont know if its possible. Also deleted all those requested dll files, installed again even frame network, but doesnt solve the issue...this new update doesnt download this little file from DirectX when starting FM for the first time. Here is my new Diag file DxDiag.txt
  9. Also deleted those dll files and updated the directx, but it doesnt solve the issue, also downloaded netframe network, also no positive news sadly. It worked before the lastest update and now I cant even load it. Nothing to do with my PC, something is very wrong in the update.
  10. I have two crashdumps. FM 2018 v18.1.3.1045020 (2017.11.30 22.25.46).dmp FM 2018 v18.1.3.1045020 (2017.11.30 22.39.11).dmp
  11. I also noticed that it didnt downloaded the directx file when installing the FM18 game. Here is my diax file. DxDiag.txt
  12. The game wont load. You see the startup en hear the music playing...then it crashes at the blue logo SI. Tried it many times...even deleted the preferences, cache and logs files in appdata...nothing helps really. Did a clean install on my pc today. Game worked on the previous update, not this new one...how come and what can I do?
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