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  1. 1. definitly no úber greys, but all 1s is taking it too far. All grey players should be a certain percentage of ability less than the worst player at that club. 2. AI goalkeepers are exactly the same as human ones. there's absolutely nothing in the match engine that provides a bias. 3. Unavailable should only mean "no matter what" unless the AI club is desperate for that player, in which case their bids should reflect that. No £5m bids for £5m players. 4. It does happen to some extent already, but not enough. 5. Youngsters are generated to stay similar to the database at game start. It's to provide a balanced footballing world. 6. No. If you want to cheat then you have to put up with the wait. 7. Football Manager, not Football Chairman. 8. Tactics are already versatile if you know how to use them. 9. Just like in real life you mean? 10.It's a seller's market. If you don;'t think the player is worth £5m then don't pay that for him. 11. annoying and should hopefully be fixed 12. depends on how good them and you are. and just for emphasis: THE AI DOESN'T CHEAT AND THERE'S NO SUCH THINGS AS SUPER GOALIES ffs </div></BLOCKQUOTE> You said a nauty word
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