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  1. I play in 2D but I screencast my games in 3D. lol... 2D is because I don't want to take a long while to play my game and setting it to maximum speed will help. 3D is because I own a blog about FM 2010 and have been casting my games online, so looking at dots running around isn't very satisfying.
  2. Footballer's Agents

    I agree. Especially when there are so many thousands of players in the FM database, having them to contact you at times drastically changes the structure of player scouting. Yup I have seen nothing on the bigger clubs. But I was never aware of agents urging to look at a highlight. Take in mind that I was not talking about scout agents, but player's personal agents. I thought this is for scouts? Personal agents do that too?
  3. Many footballers employ agents to help them locate a desired club, and I guess these agents are personal agents. So far I have not seen these agents in FM 2010. Do you know if there is any player that will ask their agent to contact clubs if they want to have a change of a new club or their contract are expiring? I was hoping that if players have expiring contracts, they might notify the club that they are interested in, and hence I do not have to waste time to keep engaging my scouts.
  4. FM10: Backroom Staff Thread

    I have Robert Prosinecki myself and he is a free agent while coaching for the national team of Croatia. He is actually a 4 star coach in Attacking, Tactical, Shooting, Ball control and Set pieces. You can read and know about his profile here: Robert Prosinecki Football Manager Profile Peter Davidson is a 5 star coach in fitness (based on the stats given here) Sergio Bizioli is a 4 and a half star coach in fitness (based on the stats given here) Maarten Arts is a 4 and a half star coach in goalkeeping (based on the stats given here) All calculations are done by my FMsite Staff Ratings Calculator.
  5. Yup, its web-based so just go to the link and use it. Thinking of making an application soon, but will need to upgrade some features first. Currently I am using this calculator to review through some recommendations on coaches made in another thread at the Good Players and Team Guide.
  6. FM10: Backroom Staff Thread

    Name: Ryan Giggs Role: Coach, Assistant Manager Starting Club: Manchester United as a player; Should retire by the second season to become a backroom staff Nationality: Wales Key Stats: 5 stars coach for Ball Control, 4 and a half stars for Tactics, Attacking, Shooting and Set pieces. Wages: £1,800 per week If you want to see his stats or actual profile, and even how you can get him after he retires, you can view it here: Ryan Giggs Football Manager Profile If you need a coach calculator to calculate the stats: FMsite Staff Calculator v0.1b
  7. I had some fun when I was checking up some qualities of retiring players who were aspiring to be coaches, like Mark Viduka and David James, and the FMsite Staff Ratings Calculator[/b] is useful to check their qualities. I tried mini scout in FM 2008 and FM 2009; it crashes sometimes and really unstable. I haven't tried that with FM 2010 yet though. O well, guess I will just slowly improve my applications and utilities to match the current standing applications first.
  8. Oh, usually I thought when people are using FMRTE and Genie, they are usually accused as 'cheating' in the game, so many people will naturally avoid that. Hm... I was not thinking too much of the competition in fact. Just thought developing some stuff on my own can be fun and rewarding, and add an extra dimension to my Football Manager blog. I hope to come to the level of these editors such as the FMRTE and Genie, but I am just learning step by step along the way for now.
  9. Err nothing the functions about the same for now, I just created my FMsite Staff Calculator from scratch in Flash just to explore Actionscript for my final year project in my Multimedia and Gaming major. I intend to add more features to the Staff Calculator, and this is just the first beta release. Just asking: When you were creating your coach calculator, did you truncate the floating points in your calculations?
  10. I have just started my own coach calculator, and see if you guys like my web application. Basically it calculates the ratings of coaches in their quality of trainings that they can give, and it follows FM 2010 exactly. It helps you to find out the quality of the coach before you transfer him into your club, as this can be quite a hassle. This is a proof that it works for one of the training categories on one of my coaches, Ryan Giggs. I have other test cases however it is right at my FMsite Staff Ratings Calculator post and I do not want to bore you with more images of my test cases. Right now my FMsite Staff Ratings Calculator is at version 0.1b, still at its very early stages, and hence I have not decided to turn it into an application for downloads until I have improved it much further, but it is currently working very well now (and if you guys are willing, let me know if there are any bugs or if you have any preferences). Feel free to use it for your enjoyment. Most importantly, let me know if there are any bugs because I am in the midst of improving the current version, and whether you like the application or not. I know that there are other coach calculators out there, but I still want to do it as part of my research and thank you in advance if you are willing to participate with my little application. Feel free to use the calculator: FMsite Staff Ratings Calculator
  11. Updated over time and randomly; according to the learning curves and personality of each player, according to quality and type of training regime, and according to the training facilities of the club. Ambitious players tend to improve their skills more quickly.
  12. 5 Star Training

    You can try my FMsite Staff Rating Calculator then. I tested with 10.3 Patch and it works. Still in beta and not launching a application for download yet until several upgrades later, but it is accurate for patch 10.3.
  13. Gaming with a touch of reality is what FootballManagerSite.com is all about! I look to offer: Match Gameplays (Video Updates) Tips and Tactics Hidden gems of good players and good backroom staff A personal journey of playing Football Manager, bringing underperforming FM clubs from rags to riches (Have been managing Newcastle United). Video updates for your viewing pleasure. An interactive community and a forum Also, I will be bringing real life football news and insights, as Football Manager follows closely to the real life happenings of the football world. Therefore do drop by to take a look at FootballManagerSite.com!
  14. Manchester City

    That is not true. The board surely didn't inject another lump of cash for me to spend after I finished with my 78 million. And as for world class players, none will join you accept one: David Beckham. And Beckham joined Sunderland in my game. lol
  15. Manchester City

    Btw I forgot to mention when I started on 9.03 I am using Man City - still playing the club now and in first season.