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  1. There must be a bug with players missing penalties. My teams miss around 80% of all penalties! Playing with Juventus, Ronaldo has a penalty stat of 20, yet he always misses and has just missed 2 in the same match!
  2. I can't find where you can put in the standard opposition instructions on the tactics screen? I can only seem to do it pre match I can't set any permanent instructions based on position I'm using FM18 touch
  3. I've tried everything above, still not working. I've deleted cache, deleted preferences, reverify cache, uninstalled then reinstall graphics card, turned off my virus protection. Interestingly, I have another save game I haven't used for a few days, if I load this it seems to play fine. Just my current game or if I try to create a new game I'm getting the error.
  4. I have this error appearing on my game. When I load my game and press continue, it crashes and closes the game. I assumed my save file was broken so I started a new game and I'm getting the same thing again.
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