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  1. There really arent alot of other services out there that are as effective as Denuvo is. Unless you load the game with a bunch of custom triggers ie Handball 17 which stil hasnt been cracked.
  2. Alot of games dont even bother these days. I know FIFA used to be super staunch with DRM and piracy but once FUT started grinding cash the cracks came out for those games within a week.
  3. Denuvo for CPU reliant games especially can hold off a crack for a good 8 -9 months depending on what groups are active, it protects the primary sales windows which IIRC is all they claim to do. Denuvo does its job. It just does it in a very evil way
  4. This is what mine looks like. Is there a place where i can resize the pitch as it seems to be too big.
  5. Hey there. In the original inbetween highlights screen the "recent events" screen would show what SORT of event had occured when a dot appeared. Using this mod it seems to be gone and i have no idea what the dot updates on the recent event widget even mean
  6. Hey guys. This might be a bit long but this is my last hope and im desperate for a solution. I am currently trying to make a New Zealand League system like Englands. I have made 3 tiers and set up prom/rele for each one suicessfully as well as a League cup for div 2 and 3 teams and a FA cup for everyone and it all seems to work fine. My problem arises however when i want to change the qualification placements. I want the winner of the New Zealand Premier League and the winner of the FA cup (and if someone wins both have the runner up of the FA cup) to go through into the Oceania Champ
  7. I rambled a fair bit i must admit. Basically due to the distinct lack of OCE team in the game i have to have a 24 team CL with ....1 combined opening round knockout stage > 2 Groups > Top two semis > final I guess i was making sure my assumptions were correct while also trying to figure out what the purpose of the other continental qualifying options are for in the competition editor.
  8. Pretty new to editing, have successfully restructured the NZ league and also re-done the champions league its perhaps a little more simple than i would have liked but its okay. My question is, How do you add the continental qualifying spots? In the advanced editor for competitions there are so many different options that look like they allow you to modify the spots but i know now that two of them cause issues with "number of teams is less than competition blah blah blah" I found out how to add more spots in general to the New Zealand league via continental rules editor and my new OFC CL
  9. So im pretty new. Ive already made my league system but i forgot to make the cup before clicking add nation rule and then advanced. How do i add a cup competition in advanced rules mode?
  10. Hey there, literally today decided to have a look at the editor ive owned for countless years and i had a brainstorm that im now having an issue with. I have decided instead of our current archaic system we should adopt a more traditional league structure, we have the added benefit of the country being in two islands so i wanna do this. New Zealand Premier league of 20 teams with 2 relegation spots ^ New Zealand Championship split into two leagues of 20 with no relegation out of those leagues and 1 promotion spot each. Now i am slowly chewing through the dynamic league guide but i
  11. It would be hells neat if you let us bind the "continue game timeout" thing to a hotkey toggle. Having to dig through the settings to turn it on and off makes it a feature i think not many use but one that is wicked handy.
  12. Hey guys, i dont know the first thing about comp editing but i was wondering if it would be possible to add the CONIFA World cup to the game? Its basically a tournament for non FIFA members, diasporas and Ethnic minorities. On the same topic if CONIFA was possible im sure the Island Games could be done too. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2019_Island_Games https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2018_ConIFA_World_Football_Cup
  13. Is there anyway to edit the continue game bar to include more relevant information? It would be handy to have something to read when im processing with a level 10 English side, im sick of reading Prem results. Also is there anyway to edit the game to be like last year to have the names of EVERY player on the field show instead of just the one in Possesion? Beyond that is there anyway for that to display a position rather than a name?
  14. Been watching your staging and public-beta branches for a couple of days. Noticed a couple of things being pushed to public-beta. Can you give us an early changelog?
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