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  1. There really arent alot of other services out there that are as effective as Denuvo is. Unless you load the game with a bunch of custom triggers ie Handball 17 which stil hasnt been cracked.
  2. Alot of games dont even bother these days. I know FIFA used to be super staunch with DRM and piracy but once FUT started grinding cash the cracks came out for those games within a week.
  3. Denuvo for CPU reliant games especially can hold off a crack for a good 8 -9 months depending on what groups are active, it protects the primary sales windows which IIRC is all they claim to do. Denuvo does its job. It just does it in a very evil way
  4. This is what mine looks like. Is there a place where i can resize the pitch as it seems to be too big.
  5. Hey there. In the original inbetween highlights screen the "recent events" screen would show what SORT of event had occured when a dot appeared. Using this mod it seems to be gone and i have no idea what the dot updates on the recent event widget even mean
  6. Well for what its worth the set up i described in the last bit of my post 70k players with all those leagues and custom continent database options (which i have never used) PLUS the medium database setting (which i never use) gives me a grand total of 93k players and that is WITH adding players to playable teams. Im more than happy with that and now i have the added benefit of being able to manage whatever nation i like and having all these nations have real players loaded will make transfers super fun now! I would say it is a UI issue as i could only get 170k+ players in the starting database by adding aa TONNE of custom continent and region options in the custom setup screen. For reference this occurred when simming a season to Febuary unemployed then creating a new manager and taking over a team. Then adding new leagues in Febuary which were all due to be added by the 10th of July. The 173k came after the 10th of July although the Brazil A had still yet to be added.
  7. Another question i have is. Do regens inflate the 'aproximate player count' throughout a save? What is the retirement to regen ratio?
  8. So i created a new save with all the leagues i previously mentioned PLUS some custom database options on a small database it told me before creating the save that it was going to be around 100k players i also had add players to non playable teams ON. I also loaded all leagues from the start of the save instead of loading them in 1 season in. When the save had finished setting up i had about 120k players, indicating the number of added players to be about 10k or so. This however is nothing compared to the 173k from earlier. Also this save was set to start in July 2018 so a whole season had passed in every league and not even regen day got it close to 173k. I am now setting up a new one trying to slim down my numbers using these settings for 70k players, studying on the finer details of Small medium and large datbase options now.. I will see how this goes Perhaps there are issues with adding large amounts of leagues in after a save has started with custom DB changes and nation rules.
  9. A screenshot of my FM Editor stuff or the set up screen? I have already played into that save so i cnat show you the initial set up but it was basically just the "new zealand premier league" by itself which i simmed for a season before adding the leagues in the pictures. I did have both those options on because i knew that alot of the teams in my custom New Zealand league set up wouldnt have players. Would the generated staff/players created by this option really equate to 100k+ players? Also i checked with a 3rd party scouting program on the save and it indeed showed 169k players. Someone told me i perhaps accidently selected a large database so i am now currently setting up a new save from scratch and running all leagues from the start of the save to see if the player count baloons after 1 season.
  10. I have made a custom databse and nation and continent rules with the editor as a preface. Now when i start the game and select the leagues i want loaded I get 49K players showing. Now in my case i have started the save with just one league to sim the first year faster and then i added the leagues i wanted to play with as listed above. However when i check my add/remove detail panel my player count shows as this 49k v 173k is quite the jump. After 1 season as well. Is this a bug with custom database stuff? Maybe a bug with loading ALOT of leagues in at once to a save in progress. Please help me with this as its sorta hard to justify continuing this save if i actully have 173k players loaded.
  11. Hey guys. This might be a bit long but this is my last hope and im desperate for a solution. I am currently trying to make a New Zealand League system like Englands. I have made 3 tiers and set up prom/rele for each one suicessfully as well as a League cup for div 2 and 3 teams and a FA cup for everyone and it all seems to work fine. My problem arises however when i want to change the qualification placements. I want the winner of the New Zealand Premier League and the winner of the FA cup (and if someone wins both have the runner up of the FA cup) to go through into the Oceania Champions league. I have tried many things and have failed, i have posted this on discords, had people try their own versions, etc and still have not found a way to do it. So if there is a thread for requests i beg that someone take a look at the files i can provide and try get it going i would be so greatful and will get a shoutout on my Youtube playthrough i make. Cheers guys thanks for readin till now. Attached are the league system rules and the DB changes as well as a OFC champions league i attempted to make to rectify the problem, its probably not needed but maybe someone will get a laugh out of my failed attempts to get this working. New NZL 3 Tier Advanced Modified 5.fmf New NZL 3 Tier Advanced Modified Cointinental.fmf
  12. I rambled a fair bit i must admit. Basically due to the distinct lack of OCE team in the game i have to have a 24 team CL with ....1 combined opening round knockout stage > 2 Groups > Top two semis > final I guess i was making sure my assumptions were correct while also trying to figure out what the purpose of the other continental qualifying options are for in the competition editor.
  13. Pretty new to editing, have successfully restructured the NZ league and also re-done the champions league its perhaps a little more simple than i would have liked but its okay. My question is, How do you add the continental qualifying spots? In the advanced editor for competitions there are so many different options that look like they allow you to modify the spots but i know now that two of them cause issues with "number of teams is less than competition blah blah blah" I found out how to add more spots in general to the New Zealand league via continental rules editor and my new OFC CL and i have also done this to the "teams section" I have simmed a few years but due to the NZ league being fairly lopsided its a case of 3 -5 teams in the top 5 and winning the NZFA Cup so it is hard to tell if Cup winners are being added. Only real way i can find out is asking someone here. If i am right and all the qualifications spots are handled by the Continental rules editor, then what are the options in the advanced competition editor in relation to continental cup spots used for? All they ever did was cause me massive headaches and hours of frustration
  14. So im pretty new. Ive already made my league system but i forgot to make the cup before clicking add nation rule and then advanced. How do i add a cup competition in advanced rules mode?
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