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  1. Been watching your staging and public-beta branches for a couple of days. Noticed a couple of things being pushed to public-beta. Can you give us an early changelog?
  2. It is not the GAMES fault. It is caused by how the game protects itself from Piracy.
  3. Hope you are happy knowing part of that 55 Euro went to the very DRM that is causing you issues in the first place. Not that Sports Interactive will tell you that.
  4. I just wish the Devs and Admin team would be honest with everyone. Im sure the customers would understand!
  5. Random crashes

    Check the thread i made. Its because of Denuvo protection
  6. Denuvo has been the bane of this years release but SI are too proud to admit they were wrong. After Christmas if denuvo is still on this game you have every right to demand it gone! Improve the experience YOU paid for today! Tell Si tel get rid of Denuvo! If you no longer see this thread SI are still deleting any reference to this problem
  7. Random crashes

    I have been watching the constant changes to beta branch and how denuvo has changed over the last 3 updates.
  8. Game stops resonding then simming days.

    Slight seems like a bit of an understatement. Is there any room for optimization on your end in the future? Even just the top 4 leagues and England down to Vanarama N/S lags quite a significant amount more .
  9. Game stops resonding then simming days.

    Why is this years iteration so much more process heavy than last years? Is it Dynamics? Is it somthing that can be fixed?
  10. Game stops resonding then simming days.

    Also to clarify when i say "stop responding"i mean the process in task manager
  11. Game stops resonding then simming days.

    55,000 19,Leagues. Something FM17 could handle smoothly for about 50 years
  12. Hey guys So i just got the game and i have an issue with slow processing through days. I have a few leagues about 12 which FM17 could handle no trouble and i assume the same here. My issue is that when processing days the game will "stop responding" for varied amounts of time. It will then start responding again and continue with processing the days away. I have quite a bit of delay as well when switching around modules (tactics,dynamics etc) These issues make progressing in the game infuriating and i have tried everything to try fix it. Also i am running 18.1.2 and these issues occur from the moment the game has started. Any help will be appreciated. DxDiag.txt