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  1. Bahahahaha Giroud, welcome aboard the HMS Lothario, home of all the hunks. x
  2. F.C. Sexy are performing well, currently top after 9 games. Just maintained the great start with a cracking victory over the Crimson Pigeons.
  3. Suggestions needed for a CF for Everton. Ideally young and cheap to sign in the first January transfer window. Bought Lincoln, however he doesn’t arrive until Jan 2019. Cheers.
  4. Scotch team, named Keith F.C. bahahahahahahahahaahah
  5. Good evening, Started as F.C. Sexy on the IPad using the FM18 Touch version of the game. Sadly don’t have Lewis Gibson who I was hoping could rotate with Baines. The most concerning thing was the amount of deadwood on huge contracts. Was hoping to clear out all of the lads who don’t contribute and replace with young promising players. Sold Steklenburg, Robles, Williams, Besic, Mirallas, Lennon, Barkley. Bought Rajkovic, Arana, Cipriano, Lincoln (joins Jan 2019), D’Amico (joins Jul 2018), De Ligt. Feel as though I’ve used the funds poorly given I’ve not addressed the striker issue as Sandro & DCL we’re performing reasonably through to the August transfer window. Fully intend on trying to get through to Jan and aid the youth with opportunities, hopefully I can get some others off the wage bill and have a bit of luck with a striker coming in on loan until the seasons over. I’ve targeted Rodrygo... Any suggestions for a striker?
  6. RMC Master Hammer FC - Found them when I was bored by typing MC Hammer in the search bar!
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