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  1. Could you just stick to a previous FM that does have touch? I'm still happily playing FM 2017 touch - I'm sure there are features that I'm missing out on but I'm enjoying myself so what the heck!
  2. Reading this thread is just depressing - didn't realise how awful I am at the game! I break out the champagne if I manage to get out of the VNS/N and if I get the same team into L2 then I take a week off work to party My crowning FM glory is on FM10 taking Yeovil from L1 to the prem (never winning it mind) but now I realise its all in a days work for some!!
  3. But surely if the keeper has saved it, that is the ball being touched by another player so the kicker can tap it in
  4. Thanks so much, really appreciate the speedy responses
  5. Thanks so much for replying, would it be a problem moving my saved game via a usb stick from a pc to a Mac?
  6. Hi, hoping someone with more knowledge can help me out. I recently had to boot up my old laptop and rediscovered my old Fm2010 game. I would love to be able to play it on my new computer but not sure if it's possible. Firstly, I don't know if FM2010 would run on my machine, a two year old imac and secondly, would I be able to transfer my saved game from a PC laptop to an apple computer? I understand these are probably incredibly easy and obvious questions to answer if you're not a dullard. Alas, I am that dullard so will appreciate any help!
  7. Sit the save down, explain it was a drunken mistake, this cup win means nothing, you've learnt your lesson and you will never ever cheat again More seriously, don't let it ruin your save. In your head, pretend Paderborn fielded an ineligible player and were made to replay the final then get on with playing your game
  8. Bit strange, perhaps you upset them somehow like the footballer in the 90s who insulted the women of the town he was playing for!
  9. That was my initial thought too. Perhaps the OP could experiment a little and apply for a few more jobs that his reputation is too high for and see if they're rejected aswell.
  10. What do SI possibly gain by writing code that scripts matches? If ever it came out that this was the case then that would be the immediate end of the series. Seems a big risk to do something which ultimately would only be designed to annoy their current base!!
  11. The main crux you're missing is that Monty Hall KNOWS where the car is so he's not randomly opening doors. There are some great Monty Hall simulators that show why it is always best to swap doors
  12. If there’s ever a game show with 300 billion doors and after picking one, the host opens every other door except one, anyone who doesn’t switch doors needs committing!!
  13. Football Director, tracksuit manager and of course the original football manager remain my favourites, nostalgically speaking. And slightly off topic, fifa19 is not a patch on match day! 1 or 2!
  14. Yesterday on my FM17 save, my Leyton orient team completely FM'd Chelsea reserves in the Checkatrade nonsense, sorry, trophy. We won 1-0 with our only shot on target and were totally dominated in all departments, In real life, the one that stands out is this one - https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/24792963 - as I was at the game and still don't fully understand how we lost! I guess my point is, sometimes we get FM'd and sometimes, well, we do the FMing, both on the game and in real life
  15. I bought fm14, 16 & 17 but always gravitate back towards my long fm10 save. I just find it more fun and more of a game than a chore! I also feel it’s more controllable from a tactics point of view, let me give an example I had an aging but pacy striker on 10 who I could instruct, using the sliders, to sit on the halfway line looking for a break away if we were holding onto a lead in the last few minutes of a game. Nothing fancy, just sit on the half way line. On fm 16 & 17 I could find no simple way of asking a similar attacker to do the same thing without having to change my entire teams shape. He would invariably drift back and help out. If someone can show me a way to do this simple player instruction on a recent fm then I’m very happy to stand corrected
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