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  1. Argentina (Newell's) Belgium (Genk) Brazil (Moto Club, SPFC) Chile (Colo Colo) England (Leeds United, QPR, Plymouth Argyle, AFC Wimbledon) France (PSG, Racing Club de Paris, Monaco) Germany (TeBe Berlin) Holland (Go ahead eagles) Italy (Gela, San Marino) Mexico (Toluca, Atlas) Poland (KS Cracovia) Republic of Ireland (... some second-tier team in FM06) Russia (Spartak Moscow, Anzhi) Scotland (Stranraer, Inverness C.T.) Spain (Athletic) Sweden (Jonkopings Sodra, IFK Goteborg) Switzerland (Servette, FC Zurich, Grasshopper, Thun, Luzern, Lugano, Locarno, UGS, Young Boys, Bellinzona) USA (DC United) International: Brazil, Cameroon, Canada, Mali, Scotland, Switzerland, USA edited databases: Bosnia (Rudar Ugljevik) Faroe Islands (B36) Japan (Tokyo Verdy, F. Marinos, Red Diamonds, Yokohama FC, Honda FC) international: Liechtenstein
  2. American English

    If you think Bush is a fascist, then you clearly have no concept of the word.
  3. American English

    Perhaps you could spare one of the commas from your name and use it in your "proper" English.
  4. Work Permit Hell. This is insane.

    In my game, Lambo has Greek citizenship and doesn't need a work permit.
  5. American English

    That's been neither my Oasis experience nor my SPEED commentator experience.
  6. American English

    The letter R should be only partially pronounced at the middle or end of a word, but fully pronounced in words that end with a short A sound. Examples: Rotor -> Roteh Manchester -> Manchesteh Toyota -> Toyoter Champagne Supernova -> Champagne Supernover
  7. FM 2009 - J-League

    Konami, being a Japanese company, are quite proud of being the licence-holders. The price would be far too high for SI if they even tried to buy it.
  8. Moving Israel into Asia

    As someone who plays a lot of games in Switzerland, I'm interested in replacing Israel with Kosovo, as many Kosovar refugees are now playing football in the Swiss lower leagues. How were the regens? Did they have somewhat accurate names? Any quality ones?
  9. Will i be allowed in the prem ??

    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-title">quote:</div><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-content">Originally posted by Nobby_McDonald: What was that in English? </div></BLOCKQUOTE> "You'll definitely be allowed in, friend. The game has no way of refusing it, I proclaim! Now I will laugh aloud to myself."
  10. It really depends on the squad and the game. In FM07, I took Thun to the group stages of the Champions League four years in a row with a 3-2-3-2 and some horizontal shifting with the back rows that allowed the front rows to get into a lot of space. I won the Swiss league for the first time on goal difference - a 20-goal difference, to be precise. In FM08, I've found that my defences are water-tight. I've played games with Rudar Ugljevik and QPR and I've yet to have a team not in the lowest 3 conceders. I play with a 4-3-2-1, though, and my wings haven't got much pace, so my striker will spend a lot of time without seeing much action.
  11. The Faroe Islands

    I can't currently find it because the forum search has decided it doesn't exist, but I remember posting in the thread so I'll keep looking. It was built off the R.Irish league and had one Irish team in the 2nd division that I wanted to edit.
  12. The Faroe Islands

    There's a Faroese database available on the Editors forum.
  13. All of them. It takes a while to run but I honestly don't mind.
  14. I played in the youth programs for a few Swiss teams and I played everywhere except for centre back (too short) and striker. I'm about equal on left/right foot and I was a bit pacey, so I'd probably be a natural ML, but I'd still have at best a PA of 75 or so.
  15. Women's Football

    As soon as it becomes worthwhile in terms of attracting fans, sponsors, or even talent, I'm sure it'll make its way into a video game. It's not there yet, though.