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  1. Alright guys, Starting out as Crystal Palace, got around 8-9m to spend. Really need a goalkeeper and a striker. Players that can come in straight away and handle the Premiership and perform well. ...oh and any other MUST HAVE players to snap up in other positions. Any suggestions? Cheers!
  2. Hi, Few years back I remember players that you could pick up for cheap that would tear the premiership up. Players like Bogdan Stancu that you could pick up for about 1-2m and he'd smash in sooooooo many goals. And guaranteed defensive beasts like Kompany and Vanden Borre that would boss it at the back. Ive only just got the game - are there any MUST HAVE cheapish players that will smash it at the premiership level? Outfield and in goal. Cheers
  3. Hi, Started a new save with Crystal Palace and could probably do with a decent goalie to keep me up but also REALLY need a top striker to bang the goals in. Haven't got a lot to spend, about 9m I think. So need to be on the cheap. Anyone know of any cheap players that can handle the Prem straight away and boss it? Thinking about past games like Bogdan Stancu years ago you could buy for a couple of mill and he would smash a tonne of goals in. Ideally those positions but if you know any others then great. Cheers,
  4. Hi all, So haven't played FM in years but this weekend I'll be going to get FM18, and starting a save with my beloved Crystal Palace (and hopefully doing better than in real life!). Anyway - was just wondering if anyone had any hints or tips for the new start? Any gems of players I should look to snap up? Would love to create a young English side that can compete in the Premier League. Also any decent staff I should look to get on board? Or if anyone's had any success with Palace? Anything will help! Cheers,
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