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  1. Hello Neil No I don't have any anti virus programs running currently Thanks
  2. Had this exact same problem. Would be interested to see if there are any solutions. Sorry for jumping on your post.
  3. No, the game saved as normal. This is the second time it's happened. I think the underlying problem is when I go to open the game up and it tells me to reinstall it, then I lose my most recent save, had happened once before too. And no I have no back up saves.
  4. Yes it is in there. I took it out and put it back in too see if that worked but still not.
  5. For some reason I went to start up Fm18 and then it told me I had to install it again. Done so, then tried to load my latest save up and it says it could not be loaded. Tried to go into the load game menu and it still does the same thing for this certain save. Any way too get it back?
  6. I think I will give Valencia a go after the transfer window, the signing of Vietto is brilliant, Coquelin less so, but is a good defensive player. Yes as Gungner said, would be nice to see some of your transfer business Matto97.
  7. Yeh I see where your coming from. In the prem with the top teams the transfer budgets/wages become ridiculous. German is slightly less but even with Dortmund 2nd season I got 95m. Much more rewarding having a smaller budget and trying to find the less known players. Fiorentina have a nice squad to start with, some big talents at the club. 3-5-2 used to be best formation for them in previous versions but 4-2-3-1 is perfect for there players in Fm18. There fullbacks, right especially, look poor, upgrade there but they are already in the red with wages from the start. I'm torn between Fiorentina and Lazio personally.
  8. Totally agree with these comments about ai getting weaker. 4th season with Inter and Juventus have Pep in charge, finished outside top 4 and signed the likes of Sarabia from Sevilla, lost all there stars and it became less competitive. I found in last year's version Lazio's funds were really poor, think that's a common thing in Serie A, apart from the Milan clubs and Juve.
  9. I was thinking of trying both these teams but maybe not now. Just finished 3rd with Wolfsburg 1st season. Always come back to Italy though. Sampdoria sounds and looks fun!
  10. Currently in January 3rd season with Inter and it's looking tougher to keep hold of my top players. Joao Mario has joined Man Utd for 54m so need a replacement. Icardi has handed in his transfer request and Kondogbia wants to join Barca. It's all going off haha! Recommendations for as good replacements?
  11. Who did you sign with Real Sociedad? Those and Vigo are defo on my shortlist for Spanish teams. Well done, you smashed it!
  12. What formation do you play with Atletico. Do you implement your own 442 version? I was thinking of either starting with Atletico or Dortmund to stop the dominance of the usual suspects. I had the same issue with Icardi as you have with Belotti, won the league in first 2 seasons and as soon as Monaco come calling he wants out.
  13. Have a look on the tycoon thread, may not be your cup of tea but there's one for Viola on there. I got 40 odd million so nothing too drastic. Haven't gotten into the save as of yet though.
  14. Yeh I saw that release on Dimarco, will buy him after 1st season. Only given 16m for following season but should be enough for a back up cb and have renewed Miranda for one more season. A complete capitulation from Juventus with 3 losses in a row has given me a 4 point lead at the top with 4 games to go. Plus the Italian cup against rivals Milan.
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