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  1. Is it possible to edit Squad Selection Rules for the UEFA Champions League this year in the editor without rebuilding the full competition? I know it wasn't possible last year.
  2. Whenever I load the pre-game editor, I get a black screen and then a crash. I've uninstalled and reinstalled and it still will not launch.
  3. I'm playing as Liverpool and my chairman when accepting a board request said the "request was in line with become the most reputable club in United States" both a grammatical and factual error there.
  4. Whenever I load the tactics screen, the last column shoots way off the right side of the screen by default. It does this every time I load the tactics screen. This was a bug in FM19 too and I am sad that it has not been fixed.
  5. You cannot move the columns or resize them to arrange them the way you would like on the loans screen in the development center, despite being able to add and remove new columns.
  6. My club vision has both Develop Youth Players using club's youth system (preferred) and sign players under 23 for the first team (favoured). I tried to increase my youth facilities and the board told me they'd rather focus on signing players for the first team. Shouldn't the preferred part of the vision take precedence over the favoured?
  7. In the team selection advice screen, my assistant manager is suggesting that my 2 CBs simply switch positions despite being the same role. Not a huge deal, but a bit derpy.
  8. I'm wondering if anyone could make a reformed Yugoslavia database complete with a reunified Yugoslav national team?
  9. I'm trying to edit Registration Rules for European Competition (Champions League and Europa League). I've opened them in advanced rules, but the workaround to edit the advanced rules through nation rules means that the European competition has the same fixture rules index as a domestic competition (Champions League defaults at match rules 1). I've tried creating new match rules in an unused match rules selection and adding a new set of match rules. I set the squad selection value as European team. Every time I try to test the rules I get the same message (I'm using Russia as the nation rules workaround). How do I fix this?
  10. I've been trying to edit Germany for a save I want to do. I want to get rid of the selection rules for the Bundesliga (German First Division). I found the fixture rules that is supposed to correspond with the Bundesliga, but it's blank. However, in game there are still selection rules. I've done this for the english leagues and it works fine. What's up with Germany?
  11. I have a couple very basic questions about adjusting league rules. First, is it possible to delete rules from an established league that have not been added through the editor. I want to get rid of the home-grown players in match squad rule from League 2, League 1, and the Championship in order to do a RTG style save with the best regen youth players at the start of the game. Second, if it is possible how do I do it? I know it has something to do with converting to advanced rules, but I can't figure out how to do that. I have League 2 loaded, but the option to convert to advanced rules is greyed out. Do I need to create a duplicate league first? This is my first time using the editor, so please forgive my general ignorance of its basic mechanics.
  12. I'm trying to figure out how to change the role suitability indicator from its original back to the wheel from previous FMs. I've seen it done in a couple skins, but I can't figure out how to do it myself.
  13. I've noticed that the spread of world class regens (greater than 165-170 PA) is heavily skewed towards CAMs, Wingers, Strikers, Center Backs, and Goalkeepers. For some reason, much less CMs, DMs, and Full backs, especially right backs come up as regens at the top top level. Is there any way to adjust this?
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