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  1. after a few changes it does it so i go into briefing and when u go onto a player in briefing i go into opposition instructions through there and the game gives me a crash dump.... also did you manage to find out if i can instal a new graphics driver to be compatible with this system?
  2. just when go into opposition instructions and add one on... is there any updated graphics cards i can use or download for this model?
  3. Yes its only when in tactical briefing and from there go into the opposition instructions menu the game gives crash dump and quits game
  4. No removed everything to try it still same can play games on low but not nice to watch mate
  5. Also getting crash dunps on tactical briefing when setting oposition instructioms
  6. Still Lag very low and slow in game menus
  7. Just tried that it doesnt lag as much but slow going through menu tactics etc mate can hardly see the game? Is there anything else i can do as pc obviously can handle a bit as gone up to 1 star with small change?
  8. Tried playing game exactly the same only everything on low works and still game lagging neal as now 1 star... any help mate still?
  9. My PC has gone up to 1 star Neil What will this be like now mate?
  10. graphics config file attatched graphics config.log
  11. Installed but with same problems is there anything else i can try as shouldnt be zero stars?
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