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  1. I've been using a mixture of Parisian walkways and kashmir 110p with decent results. Just downloaded warpigs and wow. Three wins, lots of goals and excellent player ratings. At first glance this looks an amazing tactic. Well done knapp. Also picked up a player called Andi Zeqiri from Lausanne for a million in January and with war pigs he has 7 goals in three matches.
  2. I really enjoy Kashmir. Do you have the left sided striker doing the mm?
  3. Morning, Knap I'm using the Kashmir 110. Not yet done man marking with it yet. Would you recommend using the pressing forward to pick up the dm/dlp or the left forward? Thanks in advance.
  4. I really like the look of this. Just downloaded it and because of injuries in my Ipswich team i had to play Trincao as MCL. Won the game and he got motm! Did you use the MM on this one Knap? Great work as usual.
  5. Bloody hell i was looking forward to watching Titanic! Great results on the training with my young Ipswich team. Say for instance you're training a forward on attacking movement from the start of the season would you keep it on that for the whole season or change after a couple of months?
  6. Just read through the training guide and watched the video. Bit confused, do you set general training to assistant manager?
  7. Totally agree. Both my strikers are banging them in and very strong home or away. Esposito got 49 goals in all competitions.
  8. Do you find it's best to have right footers on the right or play them where they feel more comfortable? For example Yarmolenko all left foot but prefers playing on the right.
  9. Probably my favourite tactic over the years. If it's not too much trouble could you post up the player instructions please. I've got to get a new laptop so i can download these!
  10. I'm really enjoying Kashmir 433 103pts but struggle away from home against better teams. Do you drop the mentality for tough away games?
  11. Thanks knap i really appreciate that. Sorry to be a pain but would it be possible to put up the player instructions please.
  12. Morning, any chance you could stick up the team instructions for this one. About to start a new save and i can't download anything as im playing on switch. Thanks in advance.
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