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  1. Would you say this is better for tough away matches rather than blue matter? I suppose volante anchor would do it too.
  2. I loved this tactic last year. How many goals did your forwards get Knap?
  3. Great work mate. Would you put this tactic above midsummer for a West Ham save? I like the look of both.
  4. I'm going to give this a go. I've tried tff, pilgrimage and volante with West Ham but can't get my forwards scoring so hopefully this will be the one.
  5. Hello, still having great success using argus away and blue matter at home. I've left Real Madrid for my true love West Ham! Firmino was superb in my Madrid team playing in the centre of the 3 attackers but I'm struggling to get a performance out of my West Ham forwards playing in the middle. I see that you recommend a player with pace going central but are there any other stats I should go for? By the way Patrick Roberts is amazing on the right hand side of the three. Thanks in advance.
  6. Thanks for the reply. What's the main differences between this and the Liverpool one?
  7. Still having great success with this tactic in my new Fiorentina save, Chiesa and Simeone are on fire. My cm's are struggling for consistency. Are there any players you recommend or what are the key stats. Thanks.
  8. Thanks Knapp I'll give Argus a try as an away tactic as I'm crushing teams at home.
  9. Playing as West Ham after the latest update and I'm 2nd and smashing teams at home (even Andy Carroll is scoring). The problem is away games against the top 6. Would you recommend Argus 343 for West Ham too? Great tactic.
  10. Thanks, I think I'll give the wof 343 a try.
  11. Just starting a new save with Napoli which tactic out of blue matter, goodbye 343 or wof poacher is best for them? Thanks
  12. So do you change the dlp from defend to support?
  13. Congratulations knap the new version is absolutely fantastic.
  14. My West Ham team is on fire. Superb tactic. I've noticed on the thread a few people have signed Arthur and Max Romero. I've had bids for both accepted in the first winter window but both have had permits turned down. How did the people who signed them manage to get the work permits?