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  1. Hi, how do calculate the DMR? Is it add up the 12 atrributes then divide by 12 then times by 5?
  2. Just took over at Leverkusen and they have two excellent players who both play as inverted wingers (Paulinho and Bailey) would tweaking both wingers to inverted screw the tactic up?
  3. Sorry to bother you.....but! When you say load players from the top 20 nations would i go to Europe load players from top division clubs?
  4. Many thanks for the quick reply. Detail level just on European club competitions? I have been playing fm touch with a 90,000 custom database loaded but fancy a different save on the full version. Thanks for your help.
  5. Hi, really interesting thread but I'm afraid a lot of it goes over my head. My laptop is a few years old and my saves usually last four seasons before i get bored. What kind of set up suits this laptop......thanks in advance.
  6. Hi, i use it home and away. Only thing that i change is easy games at home change to attacking. For me this has been the best tactic this year.
  7. I love this tactic. It massively overperormed in my West Ham save. I won the league but weirdly Liverpool absolutely capitulated.
  8. Thanks for the West Ham test, Antonio is superb for the first season. I agree with your comments about the realism. I've won the league in the first season a couple of times using mario edm 442 and bham tactics and it felt hollow. As you say this gives you a chance to build a title winning team.
  9. This tactic is great. I started yet another West Ham save and I'm finally getting decent ratings from Declan Rice. I love how it plays in tough away games and not getting endless yellow and red cards is also a bonus. Great work. Could you do a test with West Ham if you get a chance?
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