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  1. I've been giving the double T high scoring tactic a try and i haven't got a clue how it works but I'm blowing teams away in my West Ham save. I'm playing it on switch. Well done Knapp.
  2. Happy new year, knapp is it possible for you to put up your attacking corner tactics please? I'm using Sicilian but on switch so can't download anything. Thanks in advance.
  3. Was this with the two pressing forwards tactic? I'm having mixed results with the two advanced forwards one.
  4. Yeah maybe a bit over the top by me! Just frustrating when you are playing in spain and so many of the team names are different. I turned down the Real Betis job because of this issue! Badges and face packs I can live with but the pretend names is stupid.
  5. Hi, after my laptop finally gave in I decided to try fm19 on my sons switch(hardly been touched). After a while getting used to it I'm now really enjoying the game. My big disappointment is not being able to import the real names, badges etc. My current save is in Spain and for me this problem is almost making the game unplayable. Is there no solution to this? Many thanks.
  6. Yes, just save and name it. I switch between 3 different tactics.
  7. Sorry I've looked but can't find this tactic. Could you put a link up please?
  8. Is there anyway of viewing the players history? I can't seem to find it. Also if you only have three leagues loaded in Europe is it not possible to scout south America? I've no scouting restrictions but only seem to be able to scout Europe. Both for the switch version Thanks
  9. Hi, is there a way of viewing a players history? I can't seem to find it.
  10. Hi Knap, I'm having brilliant success with this tactic but I'm thinking of going over to fm touch on the switch. Is it possible to download these tactics for the switch? I can't find any info on it. Thanks in advance.
  11. I'm using a mixture of the latest release and the 4312 blue matter. You said a while back that you like to play a defensive minded midfielder. Do you play him in the dlp role? I ask as whenever I ask my AM to pick my team he plays an attacking minded midfielder there. Great tactic by the way.
  12. Would you say this is better for tough away matches rather than blue matter? I suppose volante anchor would do it too.
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