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  1. The system regarding commenting on dodgy refereeing decisions is, while a decent idea in principle, quite heavily flawed. Whilst it's possible to determine whether a player is offside or not, it's impossible to tell the difference between what is a foul and what is not, what is a penalty and what is not etc. After all, all it is two dots bumping into each other. The whole media thing is then reduced to a simple game of chance. Sure, you can click no comment, but tha kind of defeats the point of having it. What I suggest is that your assistant should comment to you after the game whether it looked a foul or not, so you at least have some kind of indicator whether it's worth your while blasting the ref. It would work similar to the appeals for red cards system, where your assistant says something like 'it was a professional foul, you'd be unlikely to succeed with an appeal'. Whilst not a major addition, would certainly improve the media interaction and make it less of a farce.
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