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  1. I made it. Moved everything in one folder and now it's working. In gratitude, I attached a pack of 74 cut-out regen faces that I made in FaceGen Modeller if anyone else don't want to watch these default faces. Regen Faces.rar
  2. Tried one more time, thought maybe is problem in picture file. So i tried with Ronaldo picture, but it won't work on regen again. Next i tried with picture from other non-regen player that is working ingame. All faces from same folder are working with non-regen players, except those assigned to regen players. Now i am even more confused considering that @keysi imported faces without any problems. UPDATE: I moved all the faces from graphics/faces folder and left only one face for my newgen and it's working now. Now i need to figure out how to make it w
  3. I used to replace my newgens pictures every FM until FM20. Now it seems that is not possible to import custom pictures over newgen's generated faces? I did everything, created a config with correct lines including my newgen's ID and picture, reloaded skin, but nothing happens. I already have some facepacks and they are showing up correctly, except these ones that i have inserted for my newgen players.
  4. I have noticed a sudden drop of dressing room atmosphere in my team. I'm not sure when it exactly dropped, but it lasts two or three months for sure and it's dropping even more despite great results. I'm on streak with 17 matches without lose (16W 1D) and the atmosphere did not changed a bit to positive. In dynamics panel it says that we have a wide range of ages amongst the players, but i don't beleive that's the case. Most of my players are 20-25 age, except one 18 and five "older ones" 27-30. I talked to the captain about the atmosphere in team and his response was that our recen
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