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  1. I've managed guys.... Two options (both works): either you can thick "Remove squad registratio if no valid squad selection rules" either you can use auto squad registration start date. BOTH WORKS! Verified...
  2. I will try....I did not change anything (yet) and all what I wanted to change actually was a rule in Youth Division. Am trying to understand where the issue is but is nearly impossible....
  3. Hello. If you try to modify serbian rules, you will face one of the most incredible errors in editing. Open Advanded rules. Save them. And then press test. All is fine with Superliga. But when it's time for the second division.... It looks like that even without any change rules are no valid for 2nd division...Absurd.
  4. you are right Ben, if you press ENTER you can offer the manually digited amount! Not very comfortable, but it works and is "saving" my save, otherwise would have been really annoying...
  5. Hello. Just updated the game and I think I found a bug. I am trying to extend a contract of a player. I want to offer 1M euro. ...But surprisingly the deal will be automatically done at the requested wage (the player asked at beginning 1,69 M Euro)....Until yesterday (before update) everything was normal. Take a look on this next screen.
  6. I solved it by myself. If anyone is interested...can contact me
  7. I tried to solve the issue by myself. And I managed. In first file, I basically added in this menu U19 teams as well. Now league "Campionato nazionale U18 Serie A/B" appears in game and it works. Only issue: Under 19 squad of Serie A teams which do not partecipate to U18 league (keep in mind that U19 teams is in game used as U18) appears in game as well. This is annoying - I would prefer them not appearing. If you see in this screenshot, for example the U19 team of Bologna should be never used. IN second file, Prova 3, I created U19 teams in reserve teams submenu of (example) AC Milan. I did not ask the editor to create U19 teams for all Italian clubs, but basically I manually added only the U19 teams I needed. So to avoid non-used U19 teams to appear in game. Added these U19 teams in the league I wanted to create....and nothing. Now league does not appear in game. Why?? Please take a look. Thanks for helping. OK. I coul Regole Italia Prima Categoria e U18.fmf prova 3.fmf
  8. Hello. I wanted to create in the game the Italian Under 18 Youth League. By default Italian teams start the game with 2 youth teams: Under 20 / Under 18. In the real life, Under 20 does not exist and the youth championships are normally 2: Under 19 (Primavera) and Under 17. Basically, I modified the rules so that Under 20 championship became U19 (teams are still named U20) - and U18 league is an - de facto - Under 17 (despite teams keep U18 name). Recently in real life, Italian football government decided to create an experimental league, for U18 teams, only 11 clubs partecipate into it. I wanted to create in the game this league. Easy? No. You do all the necessary - you go in this screen (advanced rules) - reserve leagues. And you basically say: create U20, U19, U18 (keep in mind that U19 is meant to be the U18 - as U20 is U19 and U18 is an U17), Then you create the league...You add U19 teams to it..and problems appear. Why? Because Juventus has an U23 team: apparenttly the game decides that you can have max 3 youth teams. So for Juventus you have U23, U20 (U19) and U19 (meant to be U18). No U18(17) team. The U18(17) teams so creates a conflict in game as U18(17) league requires 40 teams and Juve Under18(17) does not exist. The other idea I had is to do not choose to create U19(18) teams for all Italian clubs. So I left in "Reserve team" (Advanced Rules) selected only U20(19) and U18(17). In such a way you have Juventus U23, U20(19) and U18(17). In real life Juventus U19(18) does not exist as they dont partecipate to the experimental league so it is not necessary to create it. I recalled that there is a way to create only specific clubs in this way. You create the league, then you go in the section: "registered teams" (in Italian squadre registrate) and you thick the button "create if it does not exist". So basically I asked to create the U19(18) teams only for the 11 partecipating clubs. When you validate the rules there is no conflict but then in the game the league does not appear. Why?? Please help. I made an extra check: if I create U19 as in the first screenshot, and reduce to 39 the partecipating clubs in the U17 league, the league appears in the game, so it means rules are OK. But I would like to have a perfect simulation...so I really wonder why the "create if not exist" does not work.....
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