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  1. Thank you guys, i just hoped that will be soon after transfer window close in top leagues.
  2. Can i ask, when will be relase date for fm 19 official winter update with all transfers untill trade deadline? Sorry for asking, and thank you.
  3. Thank you, but Nelson Monte doesnt want to come, Ricardo also. I will check Verdasca, he is solid.
  4. I have 5 m for transfers, need a good cb , role ball playing...with good positioning and other solid mental attributes. Please, send your suggestions. Thanks.
  5. In january , and summer 2019 also. This is especially case for serbian superleague, for Red Star. For example, Richmond Boakye cost 1,8m , he scored over 30 goals but there is no club interested in him. I tried to force him to go, he accept it, but again...no offers. Serbian superleague is not so bad anymore, Red Star smashed Liverpool, and players have now better reputation. Also, i noticed that it is hard to get bigger fee for players, even in past Grujic went to Lpool for 8m, Milenkovic to Viola for 5m, Radonjic to Marseille for 12 m and other. Boakye who is in Ghana squad cannot be sold for at least 2 m in game, that is little disturbing.
  6. I played with CSKA and Red Star, and it is very hard to sell anyone. Even players who have offers or wanted by some club are tough to sell. Also, if the offer come, it is every time like half of true value , sometimes smaller. It is pretty disturbing for me.
  7. Hi guys. I open this topic so we can write about young african players, which can be a good players in near future. Also, i do not think about already known players like Ndidi and souch players. I think about players like Abodul Giddou, Guiagon, Elia Meschak... Thanks
  8. Via someone else' steam. 18.3 update also doesn't solve this, i really don't know how it happens just to me.
  9. I uninstaled avast and did not help...i can't uninstal the game. I can' t do this because i am not a official owner of the game and will cost me a money. Could the new update solve this thing?
  10. I did every stuff as you said, but it is the same. My steam and fm folder was already in exceptions , also i tried with no custom database but there is no progress.
  11. Yes, i have Pr0 winter update, and i dont have any custom graphics. I have Avast antivirus program.
  12. Hi Felix, I tried with one league and very small database, but it is same. I usually plays with recomended 50 000 players in database and every other league works well without slow responding. Here is my DxDiag DxDiag.txt
  13. I have a problem when i start carrer with some club from Eredivise. When pc is loading copmetitions, transfers target and other stuff from start new game it takes so much longer then usually when i start with other leagues. Also, the major problem is when i click on some icon like squad or reserve team and every other , it takes so much time to respond. Every click takes so much time to respond and this is so disturbing, so slow. Please help Cheers
  14. I have a problem with dutch league, every other league works fine but the eredivise works slower every time i press on every button on interface. Also, when i start carrer game with eredivise club , loading cups competitions and finding manager targets and other stuff also take long time.
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