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  1. I doubt it’s my reputation as I won both domestic cups and the CL (finished 2nd in league), the player won’t even agree to a contract making him the best payed at the club (just tried this), just a bit annoying as Iv turned him into a superstar.
  2. Thanks for the reply, just seems a bit odd that all the coaches are attacking. on another note, I have been playing lots of youth players who after a few months are looking for a new challenge Is this because I am only a bronze coach? It’s happened with Harry Winks and now Marcus Edwards & Carter Vickers.
  3. I am assuming Nouri Retiring is more to do with real world events (he suffered brain damage unfortunately)
  4. I have noticed that all the staff at Spurs have attacking Specialism, i am assuming this is an error as Ledley King is well known as a defender.
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