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  1. ow i'm not a violent man... but i've killed 3 nuns whilst waiting for this registering crapness
  2. the last time i was this angry me and my neighbour Fred West did stuff... bad stuff.
  3. what an idiotic system then... perhaps O and 0's should be avoided in the future? i've got a magnifying glass oot and i still cant see the difference between the 2.
  4. How excited...?

    he likes the smell of the box.
  5. FM09 Demo - injuries

    do you work for wikipedia or something... you knew what i meant. if you've got nothing else to do other than check about Haldron Colliders and how many products out of Ronseals vast selection have been recalled could i please advise you to a) help out SI with the injuries problem and b) sign a BT petition to get me frickin broadband. working on analogies is like having a snooze button on a smoke alarm.
  6. FM09 Demo - injuries

    1. i can't get broadband where i live, the connection therefore is out of my hands. To be fair, and this is the bit i can't get through it seems, i'm not bothered about my personal resources and their adequacy... the SI game shouldn't be released until it's been checked and sorted. Why is that difficult to understand? We live in a country with a degree of free speech... i have my right to say that I think its poor customer service to release a product that doesnt work properly... you wouldnt see Ronseal doing that... does what it says on the tin*.. and then in tiny writing *if you download a patch. 2. I can 3. yes i will tell them about the patch. I shoudlnt have to but i will. 4. Nobody plans to release an imperfect product, so i'd change that to 100%. 5. what can i say man... i work in Government... flexi-time rules
  7. FM09 Demo - injuries

    yep, just like the demo.. it broke down after a couple of hours and will take days to fix.. your other points are good ideas and hopefully will be used in the future... as for my injuries.. thats why i came onto this thread as i found it annoying and wondered if there would be a fix for it... i had that many injuries i fully expected a message from my physio to pop saying that Heather Mills has twisted her ankle in training and will be out forever.... if only. sigh.
  8. FM09 Demo - injuries

    you're not even joking... phew thats good as i didnt know whether to laugh or not. basically yes... i cannot download files on my work internet that have certain suffixes. (or is it suffi ) and i do not have broadband at home (dial-up at 1p a minute but then why should i pay extra for a game i think is ok?). And i'm not even joking about this, but 2 of my friends play 'champ' with me and i can guarantee they have no clue about patches/updates/etc... so whilst we will be in the minority it does actually happen. I'm not even joking. Forums are usually inhabited by fans... fans obviously coming from the word fanatics... not everyone who buys the game is a 'fanatic'.. indeed most places like forums are for the minority of people rather than the majority... so perhaps there will be more people who buy this game unaware of patches and the like compared to people who do know about it... U2 have sold over 100million albums worldwide... yet their forum has about 100,000 members... those are the people who KNOW everything about the band, what their favey wavey colour is etc... they are the fanatics... just like on here... and strangely enough U2 fanatics dont like anybody saying bad words about their band.. their PRODUCT... so whilst you are ok with SI sorting it out for you and doing patches there are others, like me, who think that a product should be checked, looked at, interrogated, etc before asking the customer to spend £30 on it. "hey have you checked that the Large Hadron Collider works Stan before we run it, I don't want to turn it on and find we'll suck the world into a black hole" "aye, I've tested it mate it's fine, sell it to those Swiss scientists if you want, any probs and I'll do a wee patch for it.. an update... which they can run on the day.. if they know we have a patch update that is.. do they?" "Stan, you're fired" "yeah fair enough"
  9. FM09 Demo - injuries

    i'm not having a coronary, and i have no idea where the 'If you are perturbed everytime you get software that is full of bugs' line comes from?? i never said that... but my scenario is like that of some users of this game... i cannot download a patch? i expect the game i have bought to be fully playable... is that so difficult to understand? If its not fully playable and right then surely i have my right to complain about that... i can't just sit back with apathetic indifference and shrug my shoulders about it.. i use a Mac... i dont give a knuckle shuffle what Bill Gates and his single paned windows does. if a company continually releases a 'product' that isnt fully realised then people get annoyed about it... hence the reason that most tech-savvy computer users get annoyed with every windows release that comes out... and it gives the operating system and therfore the company a bad name. if every X-box/wii/pS3 game came out and you need to download fixes for it the consumer would just stop buying them.
  10. FM09 Demo - injuries

    yeah its called an analogy... swap 'bike' with anything else that you find more 'entertaining' then? a guitar effects pedal? an Ipod?
  11. FM09 Demo - injuries

    you're a sharp one arent you. yes. thats my complaint. i dont care if its free... not everyone has broadband access, not everyone KNOWS there is a free update/fix. but the point i tried to make is that a product SHOULDN'T need a free fix or update... I'm paying £30 for something that isnt a fully developed and tested product. be like me buying a new bike and the tyre constantly going flat... but hey, the guy who sold me it says he'll pump it back up for free. they HAVE to do the patch for FREE matey... if they didnt then no-one would buy FM2009 would they... well apart from you that is
  12. FM09 Demo - injuries

    here's a scenario. i only get the internet at work. I play FM at home, I live in a remote area of Scotland and have no internet access (well i could get dial-up at 1p a minute i suppose). I've just spent £29.99 on this game and fully expected it to work as my PC met the back of the box's minimum requirements. do patches get released via disc? shouldnt you place stickers or flyers inside the new game explaining that updates/fixes/patches exist? its kinda rich to think that everyone knows all about these patches. I didnt until the last version. if i spend £30 on a watch i expect it to work, i dont expect to get it home and then have to download a patch for it to display the minute hand. this goes for any product... basically, if a product isnt ready it shouldnt be sold.