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  1. 4 seasons in, Won the World Cup, Euros and now have left to takeover Man City because I can't stand Arsenal and its overachieving. The plan now is to destroy Arsenal. Hopefully as well Bielsa will leave Tottenham soon and I can takeover them and pile the hurt even further on.
  2. See, I've seen them now win another undefeated Season, FA, Champs league and Capital One... with Rafa Benitez... wtf It was enough for me to leave the England Job and take over Man City when they asked me.
  3. I'm sorry but why is Arsenal's players rated so highly when they've proven so inconsistent? I don't see how they're still slated for 4th in fm18 when they aren't that good nowadays? Is there some kind of Arsenal bias? I don't see how their player attributes are equal to their actual capability. Contrast that with Tottenham who've improved and are clearly a cut above Arsenal lately and somehow between Alderweireld and Rob Holding the young Arsenal defender is better in terms of determination? I'm so confused... You can also look at Marcos Alonso of Chelsea... he's somehow less capable than Rob Holding... a Premier League winner which has far more proof of his ability to flaunt and somehow... Someone please explain this?
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