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  1. Just tried this tactic on a bottom National North team. I made 2 million in profit. I got Premier teams not affiliated with me using the LEAGUE friendlies. Even more odd when you select your 3 teams for the LEAGUE friendly I was able to get teams not listed. This was done by selecting 2 teams of higher value which seemed to unlock other team of a high level. From what I have been told the LEAGUE friendly is the only one you are able to exploit. Unsure if this is true ...haven't tested it yet.
  2. As a lower league team if you remove your friendlies and add LEAGUE friendlies with Premier/Championship teams (works in all leagues that have a higher level) you can gather 3-5 million dollars before the season starts. Usually teams at this level will make 20-100k. As this doesn't happen in real football i'd consider this a major exploit in the system. The fix would be allowing teams a level higher to join a LEAGUE friendly not three Premier teams with say a Dartford team. Keeping this exploit would make any lower league team easy mode taking away the reason/challenge of playing a lower league team in the game.
  3. Got a crash bug with Inter Miami. Feb 6 2019 I am trying to loan out my players when I get a private offer for a transfer from Houston. If I reject the transfer an application error pops up crashing you out of the game. Happens every time.
  4. Not sure if this is a bug but on lower league English teams I see GP (Guest Player) with contracts of 255k on Dorking Wanderers. Thanks!
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