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  1. If there was a way to directly correlate a player's potential to their personality traits and training/match performances that would open up a whole new array of unique variables for each individual save, greatly adding to the overall immersion.
  2. One time my DoF managed to pull an amazing stunt which I had never seen coming. Basically, there was this player I was looking to sign and after the transfer bid was accepted and I saw his wage demands, I thought to myself that there was no way this deal could happen but still, reluctantly and out of morbid curiosity, I passed the contract negotiations to the DoF only for him to offer about half the amount in wages than what the player was demanding from me. Naturally, I laughed at this, thinking it was utterly ludicrous yet didn't cancelled the transfer and just kept advancing in time as norm
  3. I'd also like to see my Director of Football not consistently recommend players who are in their mid to late 30's when it's explicitly said in the club vision tab that the board wants you to centre the club's transfer policy around young players with good potential.
  4. Yes that too for sure and please, give VAR the suspense factor it has irl because in FM, you can always tell what decision will ensue before it's shown. Also maybe tone down the power behind certain shots a little because kicking the ball at nearly mach 1 speeds from a complete standstill seems to defy all known laws of physics and human biomechanics.
  5. Seeing some crystal clear match engine improvements, particularly around the more troublesome areas from last year's edition such as the senseless tight angle shooting by players moving inside the box, it's all that's needed for me to realistically considering buying the game in all fairness. The match engine issues have been by far the biggest enjoyment hindrance for me, and judging from the comments concerning FM's gameplay that I've read thus far, for many other people as well. If this aspect of the game was indeed properly reworked for FM21 then each and every other feature it
  6. There's no other game within the football management genre that comes anywhere near the level of detail and complexity FM offers which is most likely why this series remains such a hit on the market despite it's numerous existing flaws. As I said before, if a comprehensive football management game with an extensive database that allows you to take almost any team to glory and create your own unique storyline is something you can't get by without in life, FM is the only legitimately viable option for you out there. On the other hand yes, only constructive criticism is going to help
  7. As it's been mentioned here previously, this apparent inability for the AI to undertake the sensible decision of receiving the ball properly before having a shot, performing a skill or doing a pass instead of straight up heading it somewhere at random without a care in the world when not being closely marked by the opposition, is as annoying as it is unrealistic and frequently kills what could otherwise be a fruitful passage of play.
  8. You know something isn't quite right when finding yourself in awe once a wide player actually manages to deliver a cross before an opposition defender catches up to them and effectively denies the crossing opportunity. What should be the norm is in fact, the occasional exception. Same goes for those rare instances when a player making a diagonal run into the box from a wide position decides to pass the ball to a free teammate in the middle instead of smashing it to the side netting or against the keeper's static frame.
  9. Football has to always be the main focus on a game like FM, I just think that it wouldn't hurt to have other optional, I repeat, optional features which allowed you to concentrate, even if only for a brief moment, on something else besides team talks, training, tactics etc, you know, the same usual shenanigans addressed in between matchdays. It's just my personal opinion regardless.
  10. Me neither heh, that was merely an example I took from the FIFA Manager franchise to emphasise my point regarding the subject.
  11. I only brought that up as an example of a feature that isn't intricately connected to the footballing world as a way to add more depth to the simulation universe, doesn't mean I want to see the option to build a family in the game or even care about it. There's tons of other more interesting things that could be added just to give you something else to pay mind to beyond the same usual stuff over and over again.
  12. It can't be worse than adding the option to deploy body language in your personal interactions and calling that an headline feature though. It could have just been pointed out as a minor feature instead. Anyway yeah, I usually do the same, going through teams and players across the game's database to see how they're performing in the current simulation but would still nonetheless like to have more available options to explore while advancing time between matches.
  13. I honestly believe FM also needs a greater degree of engagement outside player/media interactions, tactics and the dreaded matchdays as this would help quench the sorrows of losing a game whilst we advanced to the next one, building back our mood between the single most important events of our role as a manager. Real world managers have more going on in their lives than just matches, tactical instructions and speaking to other football intervenients as we all know and I'm well aware that a game hoisting the name "Football Manager" can't be significantly deviating from the sporting niche it rep
  14. This is already being accomplished in the form of community made graphical enhancements such as face, logo and kit packs which add an extra layer of visual appeal to the game but things could likely be taken one step further by expanding community modding to other areas of the game that up to now, have solely been under SI development team's responsibility. I'm merely speculating here yet it does seem to be a feasible possibility since it's been successfully done elsewhere.
  15. The biggest risk factor with substantially increasing the financial expenditure on FM's production process likely comes from the fact that it's such a niche game, aimed at people who not only like football as a sport but also want more than a simple casual experience along the lines of what FIFA or PES can offer. FM is probably one of the most time consuming games out there and it heavily diverts away from the flashy, fast paced and action packed nature of most other game franchises nowadays which are getting targeted to increasingly younger audiences who want something that's immediately gra
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