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  1. I'm surprised to see that while some Ajax players got deserved upgrades, the same didn't happened to PSV players who were also warranting a boost in their stats imo. Players like Steven Bergwijn, Pablo Rosario, Denzel Dumfries and Angelino didn't got touched attribute wise from the previous database unless I missed something. I noticed that Bergwijn's CA is a bit higher but that's only because he got an increase on his rating in a few positions.
  2. Wilson Manafá is nowhere near FC Porto's squad quality in the game despite currently being a valuable asset for them irl. I dont think he had any boost on his stats or CA from the previous database and if I remember correctly, he is right footed only which isn't accurate since he has a pretty decent left foot irl and can perform as a left back. I know he only recently transfered to Porto but he was probably warranting an upgrade while still at Portimonense.
  3. Fabian Ruiz is a bit underrated in the game, currently being one of Napoli's lowest rated first team players in terms of CA, the lowest of all their centre midfielder options and some of his attributes like dribbling, passing, long shots and composure deserve a boost imo and so does is CA by a decent margin. He should have starting eleven quality because he has shown that irl this season but currently in the database he is far from the level of Zielinski and Allan. Edit: Also find strange the fact Simone Verdi has 9 for crossing while having 14 for corners. I've seen his crossing being rated as quite good so this is all a bit confusing to me but 9 seems too low for such a technically solid player with good set piece taking abilities.
  4. This has been mentioned here before already but Spanish teams aside the bigger ones seem to be generally underrated in terms of CA. Teams like Alaves, Getafe and Girona which are currently sitting on the top half of the La Liga table are miles behind the mid table Premier League teams which shouldn't be the case, there is too much of a gap here. Cristhian Stuani for example who has been linked to Barcelona and is the third highest goalscorer in the league atm but his CA in the game is well bellow Barcelona's squad player quality, even those with rotation and reserve status. Girona as it stands atm in the game would be a certain and uncontested relegation candidate in the Premier League, very likely finishing last by a considerable point margin , same for several other La Liga teams like the other two I mentioned above. I think this needs to be adressed since the game aims to be as realistic as possible so the average CA of Spanish teams needs to have a little boost imo so it reflects better the quality of football there. Edit: Not to mention that there is a substancial amount of players in the Spanish database, a bunch of them being from top flight teams who have several of their attributes set for random values which shouldn't be happening in one of the greatest football nations in the world. Some examples regarding this issue have been brought up in this thread as well.
  5. Nicolas Tagliafico's first touch (8), technique (8) and vision (7) all seem way too low for a player of his caliber. Is he really that bad in those areas?
  6. Oh definitely, he isn't going to play for sure, not even for the reserves squad. I'll keep him in the first team to make sure of that. His attributes should start declining fast and so will his value. I actually feel sorry for him, he was very accepting of my decision to move him away, its not his fault that no one wants him but oh well, FM is ungrateful for those aging reserve players that most people will want to replace with young exciting prospects.
  7. But anyway, I'm ok with keeping him, my finances are good, I have a decent amount of money left on the transfer kitty so this isn't really a major concern, maybe in January I could get lucky who knows. All I wanted was to bring a promising young keeper as a backup but I can still do that with Stekelenburg on the squad so its no big deal really, slightly annoying but not game breaking by any chance.
  8. To answer that question, perhaps because some players like playing games and not rot on the bench but dont know if that logic applies to the game, of course this being if the team making an offer for him offered him a first team role. Some players wont mind having a pay cut in order to have a more important role in the team and play a lot more games. Considering Stekelenburg is likely close to retirement maybe he would like to end his career with some good playtime under his belt instead of being remember as the backup goalkeeper of Everton. Its not like he hasn't earned large amounts of money throughout his career already but maybe not everyone thinks that way although these cases I mentioned do happen irl. Anyway, this is just a game so perhaps coming up with real life logic to explain events that happen in this virtual world isn't the most accurate way to come up with conclusions, its all based on coding afterall, finding up plots for why this or that happens when its not mentioned anywhere in the game itself is like making up fanfiction. Edit: I quoted the wrong piece of text, sorry about that. It was meant to answer the question to why would he want to leave Everton and yada yada.
  9. Unfortunately in this case it does seem like there isn't anything I can do about it but like I said before, this has happened with other players on different teams and leagues which would be good enough for the level they currently were playing at, yet once again, couldn't get rid of them, not even for 0 or by offering them for loan while supporting the full wages.
  10. I do have the dutch league loaded but no interest has come from there. Thing is, I offered him for free, nothing, 0, all a club would have to do is bid on him and they could get themselves a solid backup without any expenses since my last resort was putting him on load with Everton paying his full wages and still no interest whatsoever. I'm sure some teams are lacking a decent backup keeper in their squad. He agreed to move, said he understood that there is no place in the team for him and so leaving would be the best option, that must have some influence in his expectations and demands when receiving transfer and contract offers and lets not forget that as far as transfer bids go, teams can demand for the selling club to pay a percentage of the players wages but in this case, no matter what I do, the player is simply impossible to offload without having him being released out of his contract. I find it hard to believe that irl Everton wouldn't be able to move him out of the club if they really wanted to. And this scenario has happened to me with several other players on different teams, I do think there is a bit of an issue here, we can argue many things but we can't argue that 0 is affordable to anyone so when you try to literaly give away a player like that who already agreed to leave in order to make space for a new signing and no one is even remotely interested out of so many clubs in the databse something is wrong isn't it?
  11. I'm currently managing Everton and wanted to get rid of Maarten Stekelenburg but no team has shown interest in him, not even for 0€ price tag and after he agreed that he should move out of the club and has no future in here so he would surely be accepting any reasonable contract offer in a club where he could be a starter. His wages aren't crazy high and considering a team can make an offer in which the selling team pays a percentage of the players wage, it doesn't seem to make much sense why no one wants him, not even for loan either with no fees and no salary support so basically completely free...he can't be that bad, surely he would be good for a championship team. This happens more often than not with certain players, its frustrating when you make plans to offload a few players in order to bring new ones and then that ends up going downhill because there will be one or two maybe even three players that wont leave no matter what, they wont accept mutual contact termination even when agreeing that they should move on and releasing them ends up costing a lot so you really dont want to be going that way. Stekelenburg release would cost 4 million € which is just not worth it, his value is less than that.
  12. I've changed the right winger on attack to an IF(S) and the right fullback to FB(A) so now its symetrical on both sides and its working very well through the flanks and although the fullbacks seem a bit hesitant to make crosses, those haven't been very effective anyway, it works better when they make short passes inside the box. Only thing bothering me slightly is the fact that the box-to-box midfielder is basically a long shot merchant, often shooting from range even when a good passing lane is open but there really isn't anything one can do about it, seems to be hardcoded into the role, even with the instruction to shoot less frequently. Nevertheless, its an effective role still and seems to do quite well coupled with the Mezzala role and the deep lying playmaker behind them seems to do a great job at dictating the play.
  13. My current tactic has been fairly inconsistent, in some games it provides perfect counter attacking play with hoofed balls behind the opposition's defensive line, either through the flanks or the middle but on others it looks more like a possession based tactic with too much focus on crossing near the byline or shooting from range near the edge of the box. I'm assuming these major differences in how the tactic plays out from game to game are due to how the opposition is set to play but its hard to point out exactly why it has been so inconsistent when it comes to the number of good chances created, style of play and overall defensive shape as well, sometimes the defense looks very solid and on others it looks shaky, maybe that is simply because the opponent is being more aggressive in attack but until now I've only played similar or weaker opponents and I'm still in pre season. I know the tactics take a little while to achieve full cohesion within the team but when you see such big differences from one game to another against similar level teams, it makes you wonder if there is something fundamentally wrong with the tactic or if its just the process of slowly assimilating the game plan showing up.
  14. I changed the roles in the formation according to your suggestions so now it looks like this: CF(A) IF(S). W(A) BBM(S). Mez(A) DLP(D) FB(A). CD(D). CD(D). FB(S) GK(D) I have set a deeper defensive line with a higher tempo, playing out of defense and working the ball into the box, trying to go for those quick counters which worked quite well in the first game I did with this new setup although I played against a weaker opponent. One thing I noticed is that the winger on attack tends to run way too much with the ball and always hugs the line until he can find a good position to cross but this excessive running leaves him vulnerable to losing the ball when he gets surrounded by opposition players and that happens more often than not. Does the winger role make a player be more selfish with the ball? It does seem like it from what I've seen.
  15. Right now the formation is set with the following roles: CF(S) W(A). W(A) BBM(S). Mez(A) BwM(D) WB(S). CD(D). CD(D). WB(S) GK(D)
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