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  1. Cheers i will give that a go. I have just played the tie for the 3rd time, this time extra time was not needed.
  2. Has anyone else had this happen to them. Everytime i get to the end of the 1st half of extra time i am unable to carry on playing as the play button has disappeared and the tactic button at the top is blacked out. I have tried to play the same cup tie twice now and it has happened every time.
  3. Bezzler

    Approach to sign

    Thanks for the info. i had no idea that was the rule
  4. For some months i have been watching a player whos' contract expires in 6 months time. Come Jan i decided to make a cheeky little bid as the Approach to sign tab was not available until later in the year. But to my suprise a few days later he had agreed to sign for another club at the end of the season. Why are the IA teams able to agree a contract when i don't have the option.
  5. Bezzler

    Freaking Wolves!

    They always seem to be good on my games. The other team that seems to do really well is Swansea at present they are third in the league
  6. I am not sure if this has been asked before but here goes. Does anyone know what constitutes a long and narrow pitch, short and narrow pitch etc. The reason i am askingis for years i have not bothered checking the size of an oppositions ptich and changing my style accordingly but i am curious to find out what sizes define certain pitch dimensions. Any ideas would be really helpful.
  7. I don't normaly complain about FM but this has really annoyed me. When the game first came out i noticed a few issues regarding the Wycombe team so i posted all the problems with some back up info on the data issues forum. I just checked the Wycombe team page after the update to see if any of my issues were dealt with and nothinghas changed. It makes me wonder if SI really care about the smaller teams in regards to correct data and does anyone read these smaller team threads.
  8. Just to update you i did as requested in the above post and the same problem occurred. But realised that i was using a different skin that i downloaded yesterday.So i uninstalled that and everything seems OK. Would you still like me to upload the crash dumps ?
  9. Hi guys not sure where I should post this but in all my years of playing FM I have never had a single crash dump, until now. I just updated my game and started a new save and had 3 crashes on the bounce. The dump occurs once I mutually terminate my staffs contracts and they except it and then I click on search staff and it crashes.
  10. Looks like I have worked out what the problem is. You can get scout reports if you are managing the senior team but you are unable to when in charge of the U21 squad, which I was managing. I decided to start a game as senior manager and got my reports straight away, seems a bit strange to me
  11. I had a quick look at my game last night to see if i was doing anything wrong but i still can't get a single report processed. I picked a team that i am playing in 2 weeks time but up until match day i still have not received one. Is the problem that i have no scouts in my staff and my other members of my staff are unable to to go on scouting trips. If this is the case i am able to employ scouts for international teams.
  12. That's a right pain. I have seen the option to ask my staff to do the scouting and clicked on it but nothing seems to happen. Looks like i may quit as well but it would be a real shame as i have always liked the international management side of FM. I may post this on the bugs forum and see what happens
  13. Does anyone know how you get both team and player reports when managing an international team. I have asked for loads of reports and have yet received any, i am now 6 months into my management reign.
  14. Bezzler

    Affiliate team

    Not sure buddy. I have been trying for ages to get an affiliate team for my newly promoted Wycombe side, the board agrees with me but i never get a team given to me. This has also happened with a previous Spurs save as well were the board agrees but i never get one not sure if it's a bug or not.
  15. I have waited weeks at a time but still no reports are generated. I have selected all the up coming teams to be scouted but no reports come back.