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  1. After I updated my game on the App Store, it does not leave this screen, could anyone help me? Version 10.0.5 | iPhone 6
  2. Open the game > Settings > View > User Interface > HD Mode > On
  3. The same problem that occurred in previous FMMs continues in FMM19. When will developers realize that it is TOTALLY IRREALIST to leave these long names in Brazilian newgens? I get discouraged to play, I hope that in some future update they correct that.
  4. Hello developers, I would like to show you some of my ideas that I learned from the FMM18 errors, to make the FMM19 a spectacular game. I very much hope you will respond to this topic, to give hope to us, that the game they will launch will be more realistic than it already is! 1. Loans of young players with great potential: In Brazil, for example, players named as young stars do not get loaned from club to club. This happens with players of little potential, and of low quality. When clubs have a large, young international star, it is NEVER lent. This often happens in FMM18, players with 5 or 4.5 stars of potential are borrowed MANY times, this takes the reality of the game completely. 2. To be recognized for my work: At FMM18, I played with Bristol Rovers, I was champion of everything (UEL, UCL, PL among other titles) and I received NO proposal from other clubs. Where is the reality? I spent 30 years in the club winning all the possible championships, and I did not receive any proposal, nor to command some country. 3. Player names Brazilians: In Brazil it is common for players to have only one name. For example: Kaká, Neymar, Casemiro etc. But in FMM18 it's totally the other way round, I've even found players with 4 names. This is disappointing. 4. Split edit mode: I use editing mode to correct some club names and their colors, but I did not want to see the number of stars for current and potential quality of the players, this is annoying. My idea would be to for sale the full edition mode, the editing mode for clubs and finally the edit mode of players. 5. Returning to talk about being recognized for work. My players also deserve this: in FMM18 I was champion of everything (Champions League), and I did not see so many players in the Ranking top 50 global, this is unreal! I also receive very few transfer proposals for them! I would like to receive a great proposal from Real Madrid for example, for my best player! But that's impossible on FM! 6. Outdated interface: The interface of the FMM18 is somewhat outdated. Modernizing it a little would fit well for the game! OBS.: I'm sorry for English, I'm Brazilian.
  5. With the recent update, I can not change names of clubs and players using the editor! Please launch an update to fix this bug!
  6. What is the reason why the Brazilian Evogens have such ridiculous names? I do not understand the real reason FM has put long names like this, this has never been characteristic of Brazilians! We are accustomed to, "Ronaldo" "Kaka" "Neymar" "Willian" ... And not with such long names! I hope that in some update (or in FM 19) the development team will resolve this.
  7. Well, I play FMMobile 18 and I made Bristol Rovers a Premier League and Champions League champion and yet I received no proposal to run any other "bigger" club. I wonder if in Football Manager Touch (For tablets) it is possible for some club to call me due to my good campaign running a smaller club.
  8. Hi, I bought FM18 Mobile and I'm running a 3rd division English team, but I have a problem. The harmony of the squadron is very low, definitely critical. How could they help me? All other bars are good, like "Competitions", "transfers" and "finances" minus the harmony of the squad. Help me!
  9. Thanks for the information Keyser Soze, but I would like to know if it will be released in my country (Brazil), because I saw rumors that it would not be
  10. Will FM18 Touch be released in Brazil? (In Google Play and App Store stores in Brazil)
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