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  1. with that launch options set the game start, but is very slow, it's impossible to play like that
  2. after the update, we came back to the previous prblem : fm 18.2 ..... Staging: has stopped working
  3. after what you've suggested me, i can open the game but everything is super super slow, it's impossible to play like that
  4. I've just sent you my belarc at the email forum@sigames.com
  5. I'm not running any custom at all. I don't have any anti - virus installed This one is the first time in my life that i have problem with fm, since 2010
  6. I've tried everything you suggested but the game still doesn't work 30 second after the launch same problem
  7. Hi, the drivers are update. It seems from the forum that a lot of customers have the same problem. I think is something about the game
  8. Hi there, I am getting the following error when trying to load the game: "football manager 2018 18.1.1f1040318 (staging) has stopped working If you can help me please Many thanks DxDiag.txt
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