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  1. I'm trying to replicate him since FM18 and still have to make a lot of concessions. Hoffenheim like build sloly from the back (last season they was one of the top bundesliga teams in this stat), but is very fast, direct and effective when decide to attack. Another thing they do a lot and I can't replicate without keep changing TIs every five minutes of the game is slow down the game when in attack, keeping the ball and going back to defense to lure the adversary defensive line forward and open space for the runners.
  2. I can only imagine how deliciously insane must be watching this formation scoring goals! What a funny chaos must be
  3. I have deselected Pass Into Space and am now testing one or two tweaks. My intent is to have a team which plays confortably with possession (specially in the first and central thirds), but is aggresive and swift attacking (mostly relying in my CB and my DM to start the attacks). I don't want to win every possession battle, but to be more balanced between keeping the ball and being vertical. I tought with Pass Into Space would help me, maybe just a lower tempo and not selecting play out of defence may be an option. I have quality players, Kolarov crossing is 17, Florenzi 15, my backup players are not far away (Barreca is 15, Karsdorp 14). In the box I usually have Dzeko with 1,94m and heading 17 and Schick with 1,86m and heading 14. My feeling is that the team needs more players touching the box during the crossing. And I just can't find a way to do this, so this may be because my lack of runners issue? Usually, in crossings I only have the two STs and the other WB ready to receive the ball.
  4. Because I felt the Strikers was too far apart from the rest of my team, and this was the only configuration where they seemed close enough. But I honestly didn't tought about the rushing midfilders. Maybe tweaking the Mezzala to attack instead of support? Or changing the mezzala to a roaming playmake and the BBM to CM in attack?
  5. I'm totally open to sugestions! I tried change my WBs to support and it's working, but I feel there is a gap between my CMs and STs. Thinking about changing the CMS mentalities to attack. Or drop team mentality to Standard or even Counter. Maybe both. I want the crossings, but I want then to be more efficient. Because, at least for me, 10/61 is a waste and I can't identify what is causing this.
  6. How about Subasic? The guy is pretty much getting Croatia to the finals himself one penalty after another.
  7. I ticked work ball into box, but didn't noticed much difference. In the game with 45 crosses I've played with this instruction selected during the entire game.
  8. Hello, people! I have posted before asking for advices on how to replicate 17/18 Hoffenheim in FM 18. You guys helped me A LOT and, after testing and tweaks, I created this: I've tried to not only recreate Nagelsmann's playing style, but also to adapt it to the italian way because, well... I am managing in Italy, so I focused in some main characteristics: - A pacient building focused in my DC and my DM, these two then choose if we remain pacient or if we try to be more direct; - Something similar to Hoffenheim's vertical positional play: when attacking, my WBs turn in attackers, acting almost in the same line as my Strikers, stretching the field, but still forming a back 5 when defending. Against weaker or bus parked sides, I use another tactic with my CMs as AMs and make six near the box; I am almost where I wanted to be with this tactic, but still feel we have too many crosses with too little effectiveness. Look at these examples: I think we are creating chances, making overloads and changing side quickly, shooting well, behaving very good defensively (althoug some times my WBs run like crazy to the middle of the pitch chasing a player, and I don't know why because I'm not telling my players to man mark), but we are crossing A LOT! And only having a tiny % of headers from them (even with Dzeko and very good crossers!). Contextualizing: I've started with CWBs support to have the effect of attacking with four players, but identfied two problems: we was crossing too much and when one CWB was getting to the byline, the other was not touching the box as much as I needed to also receive crossings or getting rebounds, and this way we have less people there than we should. So I changed to WB support with the "sit narrower" PI and got what I needed without loosing width. But in the support role they aren't as aggressive as I needed and not formed the front 4 line that I wanted. So I tweaked my WBs to attack and it finnaly worked as I wanted! I knew we would ending up having much more crosses with this configuration and was ok with that, because Dzeko (and Schick as backup). But I think 45, 61 is TOO MUCH! I'm also not happy with 35, yet could live with, but the other stats are frustrating me! And I didn't was capable of lowering these numbers. Tried to lower mentality and not saw any changes in crossing, so I'm starting to talk that this is a problem with the roles of my CMs and STs. Am I in the right way? What can I do in my case? (Sorry for my english)
  9. Thanks! I'll try your suggestions and update with how is working out. I loved @herne79 thread, will help A LOT. About analysis, I like this one in the Bundesliga YouTube channel. Is more fresh and use real life footages: Some things I don't think are possible to replicate like this vertical positional play and the Vogt role, but with TI attacking mentality my CMs will probably touch the box more often. In structure I am trying to decide between structured and flexible, I'm going to do some tests. I want to exploit the fact that Roma have some good passing players in these deep positions, maybe make De Rossi trying to emulate Vogt. I have some questions about high pressing with only two strikers, but plan to work on this later
  10. Hi, mates. I've been trying to replicate the Hoffenheim's playing style in my Roma save and, studying Hoffenheim's games and looking at the way other people are translating Nagelsmann's tactics to FM, I see a common problem: people always try to replicate the team's combination of possesion and verticality with higher tempo and shorter passes. But after watching a lot of games, I tough that a team with lower tempo, but more direct passes (probably medium, don't decided yet) would be closer to real life. They usually have a lot of possession in the fist and second thirds, and only when the opportunity rises, they change to a more vertical play with long passes -- mainly from Vogt, de ball playing defender -- to one of the wingbacks or to the target man. They then change the mentality and don't waste time trying to score. What do you guys think? Have you ever tried to make a tactic with lower tempo and a more direct passing? I almost always see only the opposite of it, higher tempo and shorter passing. Thanks!
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