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  1. Lucky you man! The CONCAF CL trophy def doesn't show in my save which is very MLS heavy so it's a bummer. Leagues Cup nor Campeones either. No turning back now though!
  2. Issues w/ MLS: Trophies for CONCACAF Champions League, Campeones Cup and Leagues Cup do not show up in the trophy cabinet in the History Overview nor under the Competition Honors under History. Such a shame. Ghost trophies. Difficult to locate Generation Adidas Players and Draft Results
  3. I have uploaded a logo and although it appears in the creation menu, when crossed over into the game, the logo does not appear as the crest for my team in the main menu nor on the kit. Shame this.
  4. FM16 was the best game ever. I had a MLS save well into the 2080's and everything we wanted was pretty much there. Oh well, I'm happy with the addition of the competitions. Anyone notice that there is a MLS Champion v Mexican League Champ game now? There's also another one-off from the CONCAF Champions League where MLS teams play other North American sides. Very down for this! The more trophies the better.
  5. Haven't had this problem with Inter Miami @Akasha . It seems the beta is a bit of a mess as I have played 4 full seasons in MLS and still haven't seen a single award...so it's working differently for different folks. Can't wait for the final product in 2 weeks!
  6. Love this idea @Mars_Blackmon , I too always play club and country. The international tournaments are a massive part of the game for me. Looks like we are pretty obscure players together in our US endeavors...
  7. Miles mentioned in the first stream for FM20 that the MLS is a huge endeavor and they literally have one guy working on everything. I also love playing MLS but it seems we are a forgotten continent far removed from the European elites. They def need to fix the youth intake bit.
  8. Can you show screenshots to prove you have the Landon Donovan MVP etc @Mars_Blackmon ? Thanks man!
  9. What makes you say that @Longhorn ? I had a lot of fun , just finished a full season as Inter Miami. My loanee from the Man-U U23 side scored 25 goals, the most in the league. He should have been MVP but there were no awards awarded.
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