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  1. The most logical and wisest move for SI would be revert back to FM2012 match enginge, That was fantastic and very realistic. This once isn't realistic at all. Not stats wise but just to watch, the players movement is like a floating ghost or something its rather odd and the whole of it is uncomfortable to watch.
  2. I when standard balanced, lost to Swansea 6-0 with Arsenal. I went control and went 2-0 down so quit. There is something fundamentally wrong with this game, too much focus on tactics.
  3. Yes the betting odds go on form though and while form is an aspect of the quality (eg they will be more confident and morale will be high) it isn't the be all and end all. For example if Everton were having a really bad season but they were just unlucky in games and were near the foot and then I was a top 4 team and went to goodison I would be odds on favourites to win however I wouldnt go all out attack because that would be ridiculous would it not?
  4. How can you tell the quality of the opposition. You see on tactical "bibles" to do certain instructions for very weak opponents and weaker opponents for example. What is the actual example, like if you are Barcelona is a very weak opponent someone at the bottom of the top league of spain or does it mean someone who is in the third tier lets say? What are the gaps for identifying the strength of your opposition?
  5. Dissappointed at the decision to postpone the game. Will be played January midweek unless we get knocked out by Swansea in the FA Cup and West Ham also bow out then it will be played the weekend of the 4th round fixtures. Lets say we have adverse weather like we had one year when the Cardiff game was re arranged then we could end up with a fixture backlog. This is a financial decision not a footballing one! **** the board
  6. So glad for tonights result. We usually do this and then now the pundits are suggesting a good run with 2 home games and wigan away to come....we will just go and mess it all up.
  7. The optimist inside me thinks this will act as a major kick up the *** for Wenger and the team, but then I thought Norwich, Schalke, and Swansea were all games in which it would happen
  8. Not one person can have any excuses as to why the team and manager shouldn't get major criticism for tonights result. Saying we don't care about it we want CL qualifitication more or saying we only lost on the lottery of penalties. This is all a smokescreen the problem is the players we have haven't been good enough and the money isn't being wisely invested. Gervinho and Chamberlain cost hefty fees iirc and Ramsey shouldn't be playing in the first team let alone out of position of the right hand side. Bad management. End of. Wenger...............I am a fan of you and I look at you as a legend of the club but I am this close to saying the three letter word that is on most other fans lips.
  9. I agree with you on everything you have just said. I found myself saying all this during the course of the match apart from saying Podolski needs to play upfront and not wide left.Utter disgrace.
  10. Not sure if its a bug or not but from day one I wanted my team to get used to the tactic I had created. I set no match preparation for friendlies and took off rest day before match and put the schedule to very high so all they worked on was the tactics really. However my tactical familiarity hasnt increased one bit and I am now approaching the first game of the season even though I used the tactic in each friendly match too. Am I doing something wrong?
  11. Good work guys so much better just beaten my reserves 3-1 as Arsenal and everything seems back to how it should be. :D:D:D:D
  12. Starting new long term save now. See how it goes feedback when I can. I'll play my reserves in a friendly see whats what.
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