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  1. Would like to see this implemented, particularly with the importance on squad happiness and interaction. More realism, naming a squad for the match and having a late injury, not able to select from your entire squad but only from those you've taken with you. Players unhappy at not being included, youngsters grateful or nervous when included for the first time etc...
  2. Thanks for that, makes sense as the F9 and SS always seem to be marked out and the SS is always coming deep (which helps with my possession stats but not necessarily what I'm after). After this season thinking of going 3 at the back and selling Barrett (one of my best players at IF and we could do with a decent amount of money). In which case I may go 3-4-2-1 with a Treq/SS/F9 'front 3'. If I can attract a player good enough to be Treq. If this brings no joy, maybe a rethink in order.
  3. I don't think I've made a single tactic without a DLP off the top of my head. I usually set up with 3 at the back but for this save wanted to come out of my comfort zone/rut and try and use a formation and roles I never normally do. I've failed in my initial intention, to have a high scoring SS, but this could be down to quality of player as much as anything. In reality, I've always loved Wingers/IF's but have never had great success using them in FM. Was determined this time to incorporate these things in to this tactic. I have to say, the thing I'm missing is having the satisfaction of
  4. Just to say, I made some of the amendments suggested (notched the tempo up, removed pass to space, added WBIB and amended my LOE/Line/Pressing). Big improvement in results (climbed up to 3rd, though two successive defeats mean I've dropped to 5th). The SS is still not scoring a lot, but his performances have definitely improved. The goals are spread throughout the team and the one thing I'm really happy with is the DLP, who is creating a lot for the forwards. I realise it's quite an aggressive formation, with a fairly weak squad in terms of the division, so we are over performing. P
  5. Thank you for the advice both. As I said, initially in league one I had wanted to take quite a direct approach but it just wouldn't work (wrong roles?) The lowering of tempo/passing etc was with the mindset of a more patient build up to then try and release the SS into space (also why I went with pass into space, but I can see how you wouldn't really want to be encouraging the team as a whole with the rest of the set up). I'll try those suggestions, thanks. Funnily, I've got an excellent defensive record (perhaps through choking the space so much) but this season massively at the expense
  6. I gather that the 4-2-3-1 can be a problematic formation to carry off well, but managed to get promotion from L1 with Bristol Rovers using this style without maybe achieving what I actually wanted. My set up lends itself more to a 4-4-2/4-2-4, with a False Nine and Shadow Striker combination. However, it is exactly this combination that isn't quite working. Initially, I started off quite direct, before realising this approach just wasn't quite working with the front 2 (too quick, too direct, no interplay between the striker coming deep and the SS running on) so I went shorter and slower. This
  7. You were bang on about the AMC positions after experimenting pre-season, it just didn't work. I've done a lot of tinkering in the first few games and during pre-season. I began with an attacking mentality, as I wanted things fairly direct and high tempo combined with the high press. However, this lead to a total lack of space for my forwards and the only goals were coming from set pieces or scrappy goals forced by mistakes (although I'm happy to get goals this way, hence the high press, we need variety). Anyway, I couldn't set the tactic up exactly as in real life (as the wide centre back
  8. What a turnaround it has been for this man. On boxing day, fans calling for his head and 15th in League One. Now up to 5th and only a few points behind the automatic places. One of the factors behind the rise has been the players' huge increase in fitness and also their adaptation to his 3 at the back, high pressing system - heavily utilising the flanks. Now, I'd like to attempt to set up my own version of this tactic but will not be able to replicate it faithfully due to the attacking centre backs on either side contributing to overloads on the flanks. However, my main quandry is
  9. It's been unbelievably grim. It reached a point where I didn't care anymore and games were a chore. Started with Moyes, who completely destroyed the upward momentum, spirit and feel-good factor Allardyce had brought back. However, now I'm just angry and devastated at the state Short has got us in, he's ran us in to the ground. If (when) we go down, it'll only be the second time at that level in our history. All that in mind, I've stupidly renewed my season card, ha! So, I've started an SAFC save.
  10. Yeah, we've been in debt ever since promotion to the national and I've been praying for a takeover but the chairman is here to stay. This season is the first we've been in the green (around 3 million) but I'm stuck with an £80k wage budget. Will Keane is our marquee signing, just released from L2! Finished 15th last season and anything like that again would be a great achievement, but I'm just not feeling it anymore. I'm usually at Sunderland, but soft spot for Spennymoor and go along to see Seaham Red Star every now and then.
  11. I'm in my 7th season with Spenny and I'm sadly starting to lose interest. It's our second championship season and our club reputation is still lower than many L2 clubs - so signing anyone of sufficient quality is extremely difficult. The majority of the squad are L2 standard and L1 max (bar our keeper who is low championship standard and a few good loan prospects).We've finally upgraded our youth and training facilities to basic, and Brewery Field has reached it's max capacity of 7000ish. We just don't have theresources or reputation to kick on and due to players seeing L2 as a better prospect
  12. I'd maybe try the winger on attack, low crosses from the byline could suit a poacher. Also, I'd keep the no 10 more as a support than a runner to feed the poacher and to avoid them occupying the same space. Think it's a bit simplistic to say a poacher would only work against a high line/high pressing.
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