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  1. Just wanted to put a post up to say thanks for this formation - been great for a Juventus game I've played - first 3 seasons I won Serie A & League Cup - Champions league has elluded me every time so far, but one of these years... Randomly inspired signing for me was Ashley Young - man's an assist god!
  2. Support for goalscoring goalkeepers! I know there is only really a handful that take pens or FKs, but it's only one field, surely it can be displayed so I can see how many Rogerio Ceni scores as I play!
  3. ...when you buy your favoured team's Shirt with the name of your current in-game striker on the back! In my case, I tried to order a Cadiz shirt with 25 Ali Daei on the back, but they've never sent it, boooo
  4. Support for goal scoring goalkeepers - they do exist, and it's impossible to track them. An end to the punishment for not picking the 'grail' tactics - 03/04 was the best release in all the interations of this series, because so many approaches could work - this version (and 07 tbh) were a joke in this department.
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