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  1. found it in my recycle bin on comp. thanks so much
  2. Hi I've accidentally deleted a saved game I use when trying to clear out past saves, is there anyway of retrieving it does anybody know? Thanks
  3. anybody else genuinely celebrate when they score an importan goal, theres the odd fist pump but apart from that ive been known to jump out my chair, yep im in my late 20s but fm has always had this effect on me lol
  4. currently playing with Arsenal and performing well, just wondering has anyone managed to get sanchez to sign a new contract at end of season if u win the league or more? or does he always leave no matter what
  5. Really enjoying fm 18, just wondering how peoples seasons are going? im currently top with Arsenal with 7 wins out of 7, play a 5-2-1-2 formation with wingbacks, signed veratti, suso and koulibaly, love this game
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