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  1. I did it agian to make sure that everything is removed and reinstalled again. But the crashes are still there
  2. needed to reinstall FM17 for this test. while FM17 ist running in main menu i started a 3D match in FM18. Unfortunally the result is always the same. Crash during the match. btw. 3D match in FM17 is still running without any problems. The question is: what is the difference?
  3. There are 23.000 Players loaded. As you see above, creating a new user has been checked some weeks ago.
  4. the recommended graphics setting is "high". If I switch to "medium" this will not affect the crashes. Even "low" and "very low" does not lead to any significant changes
  5. Created a new windows user and runned the game with this user. Result: same crash during the first 3D match.
  6. I deinstalled the programs and tried without norton. No positive results. I'd like to say that FM 17 ran smoothly on this system until the moment I installed FM18. As well as FM16. What is different?
  7. Okay, i sended the Belarc details to forums@sigames.com Thanks
  8. Yes, it only happening during a match, but every match, no custom. I fully unistalled norton an then uninstalled an reinstalled FM. Unfortunally no positive result. :-(
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