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  1. I'm not sure i follow you. Can you explain more detailed? As i said, it's when i have made him available 45 minutes a game for the u18's and i want to remove that availability?
  2. I have a Bolton save where i've had a young talent coming through the ranks. When i moved him up to the first team i made him availabe for the u18s to make sure he will get some playing time. 2 years later he has improved a lot under his loan spell and now he is ready for full game time on the first team. But you can't remove the availability. As it is now you have to remove him to the u18 squad and back to the first team. But then the player complains because you've degraded him. And it has been like that in every football manager. Please fix this.
  3. I have a Bolton save and i have promoted them from league 1 to Premier League. I have received many offers from international top clubs to become their manager but no PL clubs. In real life i think it's more realistic that you receive just a couple of offers from PL clubs when you have proven yourself in England. Please fix this
  4. Just a question. Maybe the rules have changed in England. I have a save with Bolton and i cant sign players from the english league system within their last 6 months of their contract? Theres no problem doing it with a player from the french league for example. Someone please tell me why
  5. I find it very unrealistic that my player, Joachim Andersen from Lyon, comes and asks for a new contract. He still has 3 more years left on his current contract, so when i say that he will get a new one in the summer he insists that he wants it now. First of all i dont think players do that in real life. Especially when he gets all the minutes and his contract is for a starplayer. Both moneywise and status. And when i tell him that he wont be given a new one, he threatens to tell it to the press and his teammates. I can't understand why this is happening, because i dont believe it happens in real life. Maybe sometimes but i have tried it MANY times in the last couple of years. Please change this.
  6. I find it weird that you have to ''quit'' your job when your contract expires. I tried to run it out, but i continued to be in the job but only for a week at a time. That does not happen in real football, so why does it in FM? My idea is that you can run your contract out. And if you had a succesful spell at the club, there will be a lot of messages from the fans POV and players that will miss you. I know it's sounds a little weird, but when Klopp let his Dortmund contract expire i think he received a lot of ''love'' from players, fans and the Dortmund board etc.
  7. But i've always been able to do so in the previous games. So i dont understand. When i buy a bright young wonderkid it shouldn't be a problem to find him a loan spell i think. Especially when i'm willing to pay his salary while away.
  8. I have a problem when i sign young players (south americans mostly) that i can't send them out on loan. I have a save with Ajax and when i buy a European player i can send him out on loan pretty much right after he arrives. But the south americans dont receive any offers even though i offer them out on loan free of charge? Please fix this!
  9. I have a save with Arsenal and i have loaned Eddie N'ketiah out to Cardiff. He was loaned as a key player, but he isn't playing. And i cant complain to the Cardiff manager. That was something i did all the time in the previous games. Please fix this.
  10. When a player complains about lack of first team football and your answer is, that the player that plays instead of him, is doing a good job. Then he says that he doesn't think that he's doing it much better than him, and he wants to move because i feel that. Then i answer that if he doesn't want to stay i will be happy to find him a new club. And then the player only want's to go out on a loan. And now comes my suggestion. I should be able to say, that he's only option is to stay and play as a reserve or a permanent transfer, when i dont want to loan him out. I can only accept his wish, or tell him that i'm in charge of the balance in the team and that i need him as a reserve. Or the 3rd choice, to tell him that i think it's best for his development to stay and train. I need that fourth answer where i give him that ultimatum i mentioned before.
  11. Dear SIGAMES :-) Why did you remove the bar, in the bottom of the picture, that comes up when you get a penalty, freekick or scores a goal? It's confusing inside the box on corners fx, when you can't see what's going on, if it's a freekick to the defending team or a penalty to the attacking team ? I know i can see it right away what the ref has called, but it would be nice to actually get the info right away. And on goals? In previous games the bar in the bottom of the picture always came up with the goalscorer and how many goals he has scored in the season? Now it's only every 5 goals that shows? Please consider the idea of bringing it back :-)
  12. Yeah i know, but 4 out of your 5 examples movied because of their club couldn't say no to what they were offered. So that's not a valid point, especially in todays market where clubs as big as AS Monaco dont have to accept these big offers.
  13. Dear SIGAMES. I think there need to be one more answer to players wanting to leave, in the situation where they've been given a new contract within the last 3 months because of the other clubs interest. I dont think it's realistic that Thomas Lemar gets a new contract with a 60-80.000£ raise because of another clubs interest, and within the next 3 months he is asking to leave. And he's been a regular, so it's not because he's not getting enough time. And also i'm nr 1 in Ligue 1, so it's nothing about underperforming. I hope you will consider that as a new option in the next update hopefully. Best regards Daniel Schneider Vitting
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