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  1. Have you tried these out or are you reading off a manual? If you play him WM he won't attack enough, if you play him Winger he won't defend enough nor cut inside at all. If you play him IF he won't make himself available to carry the ball and he won't cross enough (won't defend enough either). The only solution I've come up is to play them with higher-up roles (winger support/attack) then give them man-marking instructions on the FB, that way they at least track one player, but they no longer cut inside when we have the ball, and what I need is a zonal approach not man-marking. I'm gaming
  2. No. They do have an effect in the way that you suggest, but player traits are not in the game as a way to tell your player how to play the next match, how to play the second half of the current match. There has to be a way to adjust the instructions for the match (not the education of the player as a whole). The problem with the current roles system (outside of players being robotic): 1. They represent positioning for both phases (attack and defense) 2. They represent the philosophy of both phases (aggression, lateral movement, risk, approach to gaining advantage) 3. They are locked
  3. I notice that we (all the people exchanging ideas here) are too often speaking about different things and then getting on each other's nerves for lack of a common ground. This is what I mean about micromanaging roles, and the reduction of player smarts: Say you have a player and you tell him to play CM/Auto. That seems to work (with some quirks but relatively fine enough). The player moves up and down with the play, comes back down to defend, moves up to participate in attack, takes a shot every now and then, tries a through ball every now and then, etc. Some do it more than others (att
  4. We've talked this to death. I have written an entire book chapter about why FM17 is an inferior game and why FM11 was better. If you want an objective conversation and feel like reading 10+ pages on the subject, lookup my other posts. Here specifically I was replying to a fellow player that's trying to figure out how the game 'feels', and from that perspective I have feelings too, and my feeling is that FM11 was more fun. That we express subjective opinions does not impede us from also being capable of having an objective conversation elsewhere. And as a quick reminder, the thread's
  5. From your other post I would say that you are right about the natural feeling of the game. You probably found the previous tactics UI more natural to convey tactics (as did I). Also, back in 11/12 the players were smarter, so you didn't have to micromanage roles the way you have to do now. It was easier to tell the players what to do and expect them to put in an acceptable performance (like it would be IRL). And I don't think it is nostalgia. I played FM11 and FM17 extensively in the last 12 months, and I can attest that FM11 feels real in a way that FM17 fails to deliver. The ME and tact
  6. Yeah, I'm nearing 400 hours according to Steam but I leave it open plenty. I'd say maybe up to 25% of it is idling time for me. I think your opinion is valid and important to take into consideration as the flip side of that is people like me who feel that game is too easy once you figure it out. But if the game is not beginner friendly for being too hard to pick up and play, and it is not veteran friendly for being to simplistic in its tactics and ME, then who is it for? I think it does want to be beginner friendly with the named roles and its single formation panel (i
  7. That's true, but at the bare minimum why not open it up to some simple modding like Bethesda does to their games. On Fallout you can use mods to change the entire storyline and mechanics. Here I am asking for a very minor mod, and we know that this is something that many players want. If SI doen't want it to be a feature in the actual game, but agree that adding to the game would take only a handful of hours of work, then maybe they can make it a downloadable mod somewhere (or open up the platform so that the community can make the mod if we want to - and we will).
  8. This is an opinion/poll thread. I was interested in the opinions of the community due the ongoing conversation about the ME/AI etc. I've been reading a lot of player opinions spanning back a few years. My comment was simply my summary of the opinions I found. While opinions are all over the map, a few themes keep recurring. This is a game, so what is fun? I see this divided into 2 brackets: - the users that don't care too much if the ME is realistic (usually playing shorter careers [but of course not always] and/or just not too immersed in tactics) - And the users that want to s
  9. After reading lots of opinions (here and elsewhere), it seems that the best versions of the last 10 years stand at: FM 08 FM 13 FM 15 This is in terms of ME realism, good balance of richness of detail, approachable interface and a general sense of immersive fun for more than the casual user (so 50+ hours). I say this for anyone looking to try an older version and planning to spend 100+ hours. The causal user that does not seek a long-term challenge would most likely enjoy FM12, 17 and whichever is the current version.
  10. Thank you for sharing. How do you illustrate tactics to the team? I imagine you have a few sit-down sessions with whiteboards. Do you provide any written materials for players to take home and review/study?
  11. I was involved with a Sunday league about 15 years ago. The players get together to play on Sundays and maybe talk a bit of tactics over the week but they all had jobs elsewhere. In a situation like that you are going to want to keep your tactics simple 'cause without having the players available for constant training you are not going to gel them with complex tactics, nor even have enough time to work with each player to make sure they understand a role that includes too much detail. So instructions are simple and verbal, and maybe the team embraces a philosophy but it would be a simple one t
  12. I honestly think that we need at least 2 versions of the FM tactics panel in order for this game to move forward. One for new users and those that don't want complexity, and one for advanced users and those trying to set up very specific tactics. I think we have the firepower in these forums to come up with something good. I understand that from there to the ME there's a long, long distance, but if we can present a model that works it could be the inspiration for a new generation of the TC. (Is anyone with me regarding a need for simple and advanced screens?) If we were to build such
  13. I think this is the type of thinking that explains away FM flaws by propping up disagreements in concepts or showing things to be too complex for us to get on the same page. Let's take Counter Attack Counter is seeking to catch your opponent off balance by striking right after they made a move. At its core it is not a particularly complicated idea, and it is an essential component of all situations that pit humans against each other (combat, sports, games). I agree it is not an on/off thing, because each manager will set their own instructions regarding range of passing,
  14. Scheduled in FM: National match with Argentina at 3pm played in US Central time GMT -6, then a club match at 8:45pm in Rome GMT +1. So there's a 5:45 - 7 hour difference. In other words, the Rome match is scheduled in the evening (8:45pm) but that's a +7 hours difference with the US time so in US time that's 1:45pm. Means that the Rome match happens first, then the US match starts 1:15 later. So the US match starts while the Rome match is still being played. In FM: I played the US match first, then I'm allowed to play the Rome game too. I'm wondering what's supposed t
  15. I think that's a core point. Is it a sim if most people think it is? How many users get into a CL matchup against Barcelona and leave unsatisfied that they won easily? Perhaps the majority celebrate a wonderful victory and move right past questioning what kind of Barcelona they just 'outclassed'.
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