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  1. When you first start a career, you are given the choice of an introduction to the new features. But it says 'induction', like 'tactics induction'. This is the same as FM 19, and I assume it's an error.
  2. Candeias is good. What skin are you using?
  3. The database editors need to upgrade Ross McCrorie's stats. Also, they need to remove Rangers from Jason Cummings's list of dislikes. He doesn't dislike the club. In the game, you can't sign him after the year long loan, because he says he dislikes the club.
  4. No point discussing it if you are just going to drop hints and make oblique references.
  5. No one wants to hear about Sellick here.
  6. I also would like ot know this. I have heard experienced players say that the stat pack gives them a good idea how to set up against an opposition, but I don't really know how to use it in anything but a superficial manner.
  7. Can anyone point me to a guide to reading opposition stats? I know that more experienced players can adjust their tactics based upon opposition passing and positional data, but I'm not in a position to make full use of it as a relative noob. I'm not as good with tactics in general as I'd like. Thanks in advance.
  8. My first save I did, but since then, no.
  9. How do you set up your 4-1-4-1? Despite doing pretty well in earlier versions of FM, I'm not doing particularily well with FM18.
  10. I got Diogo Concalves on loan from SLB, AM R or AM L, good player. I also picked up de Pena, cracking player. Just lost the Europa League playoffs to Freiburg after beating OM
  11. Some of the players are over rated, some under-rated. I feel like not enough research was done on this squad. Oh well, still a great way to spend some free time.
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