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  1. go on a player and click on the in game editor and press edit attributes, it's at the very top
  2. But the thing is, all he did was try to explain it was already in the game and you can already do it and you got all aggressive for no reason.
  3. Seems like a good idea, actual interaction with other managers basically.
  4. When i offer a player in Add Player To Exchange, The AI Still wants a fee, and over their value, even if i offer a player worth more, so i'll be giving a load. Please fix so they are worth something in swap deals.
  5. With the current in game editor, you can not send staff to Under 23s or Under 18s. Also, it'd be cool if you could choose what staff role they'll have when sending them to a club.
  6. Hyped for this, CFM Skin for FM17 was great for me
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