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  1. If I’m just managing a National Team (not managing a club as well), and I want to skip through until my next fixtures by going on holiday, is there a way for the game to wake me up before I select and submit my squad rather than before the next game?
  2. Not sure if this is technically a bug, but if I load up a game with the In-Game Editor on to change things like have Zlatan injured, ensure Mbappe signs for PSG, etc ... (essentially make things as realistic as possible), save, return to the menu and turn the In-Game Editor off and then reload the save the Editor is back on. Is there anyway to be able to turn it off after having had it on? I don’t mind about having the asterisks or any other marking or notation to show that it’s been an edited save file. I just like to be able to set things up as they are in real life and then play without the tempatation of checking out my players potentials. Thanks
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