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  1. This is the earliest I could check back, and it works for me now. Thanks for the fix, SI To those still having an issue, I hope you find a solution!
  2. Thanks to the mods and admin who took the time to respond this quickly. Will wait for the fix. Cheers!
  3. Thanks for the response Kubi. I did delete the preferences, and switch skin afterwards. Still the same issue.
  4. Tried both of those, along with verifying integrity of file via steam.
  5. I got it through steam too, and it doesn't register that I have the dlc in game. There seems to be some sort of mismatch of purchase data. @Ras: Wouldn't you then have been charged twice? I've already been charged for my in steam purchase.
  6. Not a problem. I have exited steam, restarted a new save, made sure in game editor is not disabled. Nothing seems to work.
  7. I've purchased the in game editor via steam, and it shows that the item is purchased and installed in my steam library. I launched a fresh save file, and ensured that the "disable in game editor" option was unchecked. However, when I launch the game, there is no option to edit players anywhere. This is my first time purchasing an in game editor, so I'm unsure if I'm doing anything wrong. Help through this would be appreciated. Thanks! Edit: Further images to show DLC purchased via steam, and it not being recognised in game.
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