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  1. @Joey Numbaz It worked!! You saved me when I had already given up, thank you so much. I think neither did I ever change that view. Thank you!!
  2. I do, I tried without the custom skin and I still can't see the scouting priority. I'll try without facepacks but in that way the game loses a great part of its charm Thank you for your assistance, Regards
  3. Hi, thanks for the answer, the save name is "Eldense"
  4. So, I'm playing in 2nd B division in Spain, and I happen to play against Valencia youth team, what is my surprise they choose Cillessen, first goalkeeper of their first team, to play against me in a regular season match. Is this normal??? Also Barcelona is playing in this division with players like Riqui Puig ¿?¿?¿?. Tell me what a 2nd B level striker can do against Cillessen.
  5. I guess they'll fix it for FM21, like all the other pile of bugs this game has. It's frustrating to pay for an unfinished product, never getting an FM preorder again.
  6. Hi, thanks for the answer. The issue persists after clearing cache and reloading the save, also if I delegate the scouting responsibilities or take them back.
  7. Hi, I had the scouting assignments delegated and I could see the scouting priority screen being able to modify the priorities, but after taking the responsibility of assignments the scouting priority disappeared even my scouts are working. Am I doing anything wrong or is it a bug? Also my scouts keep actualizing the repots even I unchecked the option. Regards
  8. This is an annoying under review issue since November! is it planned to be fixed before FM21??
  9. How did you do it friend? I can't change their tactics at all, U23 uses always the same tactic and I can't switch it, U18 uses the same tactic as first team no matter what. I can't find any option in responsabilities nor dev. center
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