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  1. @knap do you still recommend leaving training to your assistant manager ??
  2. @knap which one is that ??
  3. @knap currently using this in my Salford save but just got to championship and couldn’t get great players any thoughts on a tactic that might help me avoid relegation bare in mind I have no wingers
  4. Decided to change to this in my Salford save the other Argus tactics didn’t seem to work aswell as they previously did
  5. You have 2 training schedules there what are they both for ??
  6. @knap I seem to be conceding from every set piece could it be that my team just isn’t good enough??
  7. @knap is it worth changing to the new 343 with the ball winning mid ??
  8. I believe so bud I’m also unbeaten in league 2 but lost in league cup 6-4 to reading
  9. This tactic has worked wonders for my Salford save
  10. @knap I do use fmtre so I will look at my best players etc thanks for the advice
  11. @knap so I’m guessing that anyone with a CA of 150 + and consistency and big match 14+ ??
  12. @knap what would you look for in a scout report I’m really struggling to get a settled 11 and stick to a tactic at the mo
  13. @knap when looking for players do you pick them via attributes that fit the role or go for just the role ??
  14. @knap can you use just any wing back for your inverted or should they be two footed
  15. Would pilgrimage be any good for Bournemouth??