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  1. Hi, Ive played FM for a long time and just want to say thanks for this amazing game. After a year with FM17 i have some small suggestions for the future versions of FM. 1. It should be possible to move players from U19 to the seniorsquad just for a cupgame. Like a button "make available for senior cupmatches". Annoying to move players back and forth from U19 to seniorsquad for 5-10 games each season. 2. A report each month from the U19-chief about which players from the academy who deserves a chance for the a-team / the seniorsquad (which players that is good enough for the main team). This is how it works in real life, i think. 3. Insane transfer-amounts for smaller nations. I understand it with the Premier League, but not for scandinavian countries. For instance: i just bought a player for 140 million from Tromsø FK in Norway. He is 17 years old. In real life, transfers in Norway goes rarely over 2 million euros within the country. 4. Why no women and children in the stadiums? Hehe. And why shouldnt the colours for the away-team be represented at the stadiums? 5. I think it`s to hard to get job offers when you`re already a highrated manager. Ive won the champions league 4 times but stil havent got a job offers from big clubs like Barcelona etc. Again, thanks for a great game. Hope this suggestions make sense for SI and other players.
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