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  1. Hi, Somebody knows if pre-game editor will be available with the beta ?
  2. England Tottenham : Surely a first game with spurs like with every new FM. Premier League is always a really challenging league. Netherlands Ajax : I made a really long run in FM19 with Ajax (11 years). Will be hard to play without De Jong and De Ligt this year. Ukraine Shakhtar : A good club to test the Brazilian wonderkids. Who will be the new Lincoln or Brenner this year ? Croatia Dinamo Zagreb : I made a short but interesting run with them in FM19. They loose nobody this summer. Dani Olmo will be as promising as in FM19, i hope it will be the same with Majer, Marin, Moro... Austria Red Bull Salzbourg Szoboszlai and Haaland... Even if they loose so much talents since one year (Haïdara, Samassékou, Wolf, Schlager). It's a good opportunity to build the future
  3. Thanks guys for the answer I didn't make big changes, you can see my changes on the screenshot. All players have the default instructions. Tadic quite underperformed before i sold him and he was too old for my philosophy. Ziyech really underperformed in all midfield positions. So it was the same for me, these players don't fit in my tactic. Their abilites are good but i don't why they are so bad in my game. I expected Ziyech to be the star of my team, he wasn't. Gravenberch is already good, but to offensive, i'm thinking to play in on the wings. Eiting and Ekkelenkamp need time to improve. Sierhuis have a lot of potential, definitely the perfect substitute for Dolberg. Boadu is too expensive, Brenner isn't in my save. Geubbels must have more potential in this FM and he has the dutch second nationality but he his in Monaco now and too expensive again.
  4. Hello, I'm playing with Ajax season 2 and i'm looking for 2 improvements as wing back mainly for the left spot. The main problem is that like in real life, it's hard to find quality players in this spot. I have 40M to spend but i can pay medium wages (not more than 40,000 a week). Do you have names for a left and right back who have balanced stats attack/defense I'm looking too for a complete box to box substitute for Van de Beek and a sub striker for Dolberg. I want only young players under 25's. Any suggestions guys ?
  5. Hi guys, it seems the takeover approach is a common thing because in my save there was one first approach wich failed. But the second was the good, the club was bought, the new board improved the facilities. I'll present you the feedback of my first season The results A really good first season, knocked out by Benfica in the play off for champions league in no matchs (0-5), and finally knocked out by Inter (2-4) in Europa Semi-final. Better than expected by the board. The League An incredible first season in Eredivise with only 2 loss, a really good defense and a strong attack too. No chances for other teams to stole me the title. The transferts I made several transferts with 2 years instalments, i want to build a very young team. The tactic A standard tactic, not so much intensity but you stills need to play substitutes. The team Everybody did the job except maybe Ziyech who i try several times but he just doesn't fit in my tactic. When i played him as a central offensive midfielder he was again not really good. Definitly the main weakness. Dolberg was a beast, Wober really suprised me, look a this stats was better than De Ligt. After 2 months of adaptation, Dani Olmo and Tonali became first team parts, really solid matchs. The future I already made 1 more month on the transfert window, i sold Ziyech for 15M and Schöne for 12M. I am now looking for 3 main players (40M to spend) : - A more offensive wing-back than Tagliafico, he has really strong defensive attributes but i need a player more involved in attack phase - A complete central midfielder to spot as Van de Beek substitute - A stubtitute for Dolberg because Huntelaar become quite old Any suggestions to help me ? PS : It seems you can keep your key players De Ligt and De Jong, just told them that are too much important of the team and the really appreciate this
  6. The key is a worldwide key i think so you can play on steam without a VPN
  7. No conflict, you can add it easily on steam I change my location to United Kingdom simply, i'm from France
  8. Hey guys, so yes you need to be located in UK to got the £29.06 initial price. You can use the HOTRELEASE code that gives you an extra discount for a final price of £21.79 You can use this free VPN https://www.avira.com/en/avira-phantom-vpn which i used, works properly, managed to buy the game, added to my steam account. It seems your email adress on voidu and your paypal email adress need to be the same, maybe it's the issue
  9. I manage to have it for £27.34 with the discount code HOTRELEASE but can't have for £23.25 too because the initial price is £35.45 for me too...
  10. I don't have the game for £23.25 too. Initial price is £36.45 and £29.16 with the PLAYHARDER discount code. I don't know why, can someone tells me ?
  11. Was second season was really better, i just loose one game in Premier League and won Champion's League. A really good season. Here's my results After my first season, i needed 3 major changes : 2 better wing-back and a solid central midfielder I just manage to bought my main 3 targets : Trent Alexander-Arnold, Raphaël Guerreiro and Arthur. I add Joe Gomez during the winter transfer window. All my players was just insane, most of all Trent Alexander-Arnold who won the PFA with a 7,65 rathing with 12 assists and 3 goals in premier league, just insane. Here's my tactic : I put several individual instructions, made some keys changes in my second season, most of all with my wingback. They will be stars of your team with this tactic. If you have some questions, just told me
  12. I started a new save too with Spurs after the winter update. Somes players receive a boost it seems. My first season wasn't so good but i manage to finish in the 4th position. After a good start i finally made some bad games in march and Chelsea was too good for me Onle one transfert done, Milinković-Savić for a huge amount, but he worth it
  13. @cyborgscouse GG man, keep post your results, really impressing how you manage to play
  14. Hard second season for me, was really a pain from september to january. I don't know how but board didn't fired me, even if I finish at the 6th place... Knocked out from Champions League in semi-finals (winning 2-0 ; loosing 3-0) The main reason was my defense which really underperformed, too much goals conceded. I switched to my first tactic during the season and it was better. Dybala was beast, really better than Firmino who is really slow. Goretzka surprised me, i think he will be a sub for all season but he took the place of Asensio who really underperformed Donnarumma made some unbelievable blocks but conceded too much goals... Keïta did the job, one of my key player For my third season, i have £ 95M for transfert, enough to buy one or two stars players. I'll sell Firmino but I have only 35% of transfer revenue available I hope a better season, without playing champion's league, it will surely be a hard transfer window to keep my star players
  15. Yes the price is surprising, he didn't really have a good first season 10 apps + 14 subs for 7 golds (6.97 rathing), i was just lucky that City want him. But i couldn't sell Mignolet for a good price, even if he was the second best goalkeeper in premier league.
  16. For my second season, i wasn't really original, i bought players like many buy + Goretzka who was available for free. I manage to sell some players for a really good price (Sturridge, Wijnaldum) and i don't have anymore money left. Dybala and Donnarumma wages are just insane compared to the rest of the team but i think they really worth it. So here the new tactic i'll try to play for the season 2 I hope i'll have good results again. My board accepted to build a new stadium for 2020 (72 000 seated) so i'm really confident on the future. My next transfers will surely Right and Left Back
  17. So i'm here to present some of my results, First of all, I took Liverpool because i wanna try a 4-2-3-1 and the team seems to have good wingers to play really with 2 players on the wing. So for my first season, my priority was to replace central defenders who doesn't seems really good, this is why i bought Rugani and Romagnoli to make a 100% italian defense. Bought Asensio in january because he was transfert listed, no regrets. My results were pretty good, unfortunately knocked off group stage of champion's league but to win the europa league, seems fair. I made an incredible 14 wins in a row to come back in premier league to win behind Man United. All players did the job, Firmino, Salah and Coutinho was my key players but my defensive midfielders and defenders were pretty good too. I played almost all the season with this tactic (inspired by teaandbusquets 4-2-3-1)
  18. Same for me for Davies, is pretty average but not enough good for the top level i think. If you can go for Alex Sandro, i haven't test it but he should be a beast, even if he is older, he is one the best left back with Alaba for sure. But maybe his wages must be really high, in my save he went to Man City. I stopped my save, and i start another one to test a new tactic with 2 strikers, so i will explain it maybe when i will have finish my first season.
  19. It was the same for me, just suffered from too much long injuries. You should think to have a replacement for him, Guerreiro must be the best to fit in his position
  20. Hi, First of all, you have decided to play with wingers, maybe Eriksen don't fit really well for an inside forward position, you can maybe play with Son indeed. Eriksen can play in the middle, Wanyama is maybe too limited as term of technics attributes in the game to play as a BBM. And most of all, you play with too much team instructions, are all are usefull for you ? I'm not sure But it seems your first in the league so you results must be average, it's just my opinion Edit : Oh, didn't see that there is a number 2 page... Yes as @dan_bre_1988 said, playing with a CM should be a good idea because your defensive line play not as much higher than 3 CD tactics, so there mus be a gap when Wanyama lose the possession.
  21. Here my final results Was a pretty average season, i think i did my best, Chelsea won the league during the last match, I lost 1-0 vs Bayern in Champion's League but a final for the first season, it's just really good. To sum up my season, I'm really satisfied, mainly of my defensive players (never concede more than 2 goals in a game). Lloris was a carry player (i sold Worms in January). I maybe need someone to replace Sanchez, Carter-Vickers can maybe do the job. Both Aurier and Trippier play their best, for the left wing it is more contrasted, unfortunately, Rose had a 6 months injury after his comeback, and Ben Davies is maybe the weakest player of my team, he don't really suits to wing-back position, so i'll maybe try to recruit someone. Wanyama suffered from a big injury too, and he took to much cards : 12 yellow and 3 red in 28 games only. Dier played most of his games as BWM, and he was really better than Wanyama. Savic and Eriksen played both good, Alli scored almost 20 goals and Kane was correct, i'll change his position in order he can strikes more. Llorente was really a crap 1 goal in 24 games, i'll sold him and i'll test Janssen. I have about £65M to spend, mainly for a left wing back and for a ball winning midfielder or central defender, it depends if I play with Dier as CD or BWM. I'm thinking of Raphaël Guerreiro or Alex Grimaldo, they're available for less than £40M and it seems they have some potential. But in fact, all players worth too much for my budget, i have to sell players maybe but i don't want to make too much buy/sell.
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