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  1. Hello and welcome to my thread I have decided to take on the 'Pentagon Challenge' for my main FM18 save - lets hope it goes better then all my Beta saves! Details of the challenge: For those not familiar with the challenge, its dead easy.. I will be starting off as an ex-Sunday League Footballer and i will afford myself 0 coaching badges. I am starting off unemployed with the aim to win each version of the Champions League from 5 different continents; UEFA Champions League Asian Champions League African Champions League CONCACAF (North American) Champions League Cope Libertadores (South American) Champions League I wont be tackling them in any particular order. The icing on the cake would be a Club World Club Cup and the absolute creme dela creme would be the FIFA World Cup. Leagues Loaded: Europe and South America are currently set to 'view only' to aid my game speed - ive never attempted a save of this magnitude so i'll add/remove as required - currently have 4 stars.
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