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  1. I'd actually like to do a slightly less ambitious version of what 'Appy 'Ammer is after. Specifically, I'd like to level off country coefficients permanently, so that each country gets the same number of teams entered into the Champions League / UEFA Cup, then I'd like to level off club coefficients permanently, so seeding no longer has any effect when groups are being drawn. Is this even possible?
  2. I can go on tours to plenty of other places though. I could go on a tour of West Africa if I wished, but I can't go on a tour of Japan. It's quite common here for teams to play a couple of friendlies in warmer countries during the winter break. Rangers flew off to Florida to play a few friendlies during the winter break this year, but in the game I just don't have the option to go to these places.
  3. We've got about £30m in the bank, and other far-flung destinations are available. For instance, I can go on a tour of "North America" and play small US teams, but I can't go on a tour of the USA itself. It's as though the game is blocking access to the typical "money" tours. Don't know if club reputation has anything to do with it?
  4. I'm currently manager of Hibernian, hit a bit of bad form just coming up to the winter break. I figured a money-spinning tour playing some weak teams would do it for morale, but I can't seem to tour a lot of the "major" countries, ie USA, Australia, China, Japan (or any of East Asia). Is there any reason behind this?
  5. I'm using MozzaGaming's Full Scottish Pyramid data as the basis of this, which adds the lower leagues into the Scottish pyramid as in real life. I want to add a few of the U20s from the bigger teams into the league system, and started off by adding Rangers U20s into the Lowland League, and removed Hawick from the league to balance out the numbers. I have enabled "allow B teams to be promoted from lower division" for all leagues in the professional pyramid. When I start the game, Rangers U20s are in the Lowland League as they should be, but after simming a season in which they won the league and playoffs, they just disappear from the professional league structure entirely, with Hawick inexplicably taking their promoted place in League 2. What am I doing wrong here?
  6. He looks like just the ticket. Already moved on to Leverkusen in my game though, so out of the price range now. I ended up picking up Jon Gaztañaga for £550k, and he'll do for the next couple of years but still has a lot of what to me is wasted skill - good dribbling, passing, vision etc that just isn't necessary for the role.
  7. This was my triumphant first-season league win. 1-0 down, Ryan Jack gets sent off around the 55th minute (obviously...). I switched to 3 at the back, pushed the midfielders further forwarded, and somehow came out with the win. I signed Anthony Lozano for £1m from Barcelona in January of the first season and he's been an absolutely bargain of a buy so far. Other good buys have been Percy Tau and Humam Tariq on free transfers, Luka Adzic for £1.4m from Red Star Belgrade. Edison Flores has been decent buy at £1.1m too. I also brought Giorgos Efraim back for £2.4m, but I ended up overloaded on wingers (Tau and Adzic are my first choices, and MoH is still doing well for me too) so I sold him on to Ipswich for a healthy £6.5m in the January window of the second season. Just brought in Dhurgham Ismail to add to my young Iraqi contingent as a long-term replacement for Lee Wallace. £525k has just got me Jon Gaztañaga, and I'm hoping he'll be my solid ball-winning midfielder for the next couple of seasons. I'm running away with the league in the second season, mainly because Celtic have done so bad. They brought Koeman in as manager after Rodgers went to Newcastle, and from 25 games so far they've already drawn 8 and lost 3. They drew 5 and lost 4 in the whole of the previous season. By contrast, I'm on 2 draws and 1 loss from 25. Formation is 4-2-3-1 wide, with slow tempo and short passing. I switched from a more swashbuckling tactic at the end of the first season, and it really seems to have paid off in terms of striker efficiency. The team is averaging around 50% shots on target, scoring around a third of the shots on target. I think we're having fewer shots in total, but the quality of chances we're creating seems to be far better. Oh yeah, and I signed Walter González for £550k in the first season, he's my best striker but for some reason just can't get a game for Paraguay, and every work permit application has failed. He's currently on loan at Zaragoza where his value is up at £8m, but it seems I'll never get the chance to actually play him.
  8. I'm not a guy who likes all-round players. I don't need my centre-back to have killer technique. I don't care if my playmaker can't tackle. I want my players to do their job and do it well. 18 months into my game, I've identified a problem. The ball-winning midfielder is one of my most valued roles, and while I have some decent defensive-minded midfielders, none of them will cut it as I try to challenge for the Champions League. In a couple of years, I'll need a world-beater of a BWM. I don't have anywhere near the money to buy a ready-made superstar, and the best youngsters are probably beyond me too. Since I'm not bothered about whether my new BWM can pick out a pass or not, I figure somewhere in the database will be a young midfielder with a lower PA but just the right attributes to do the job. I want a hatchet-man who can get the ball back and give it to the ball players. For me, I view the BWM attributes as falling into the following categories (and feel free to tell me my priorities are wrong) High priority: Tackling, positioning, bravery, strength Mid priority: Marking, determination, work rate Low priority: Aggression, teamwork, acceleration, stamina What I'm not sure about is how much improvement I can expect in these attributes as I develop the player? I realise the physical attributes will fall away earlier while the mental attributes will improve with age, but what about the technical attributes? Let's say, for example, I want all the top-priority attributes at 18+ once this guy is fully developed. If I find a 19-year-old with these values at 13, could he realistically make it (assuming his PA, professionalism etc weren't the limiting factor), or is there just no way a player will increase attributes by that much in his career? Basically, how much can we expect a perfectly trained youngster to increase his attributes, allowing for a good 30ish difference between CA and PA at a young age?
  9. Can I come in as a non-expert, non-researcher again? Young players get their talent overestimated. It happens. Young players get their talent underestimated. It happens. All I would like to see in the game, perhaps a watering down of the original proposal, is an acknowledgement of this. I thought it got introduced a couple of years back when my coaches started saying a player's potential had increased, but really all that was happening was their perception changed, nothing to do with the actual coded hard-limiting PA value. If a young player is developing at a good rate, it would be nice to see their PA shifting up a little - maybe up to a max 10% increase on their original PA. The game (by my understanding anyway) uses PA for scouting & coaching staff to determine a player's potential, so a PA of, say, 110 might result in a "decent Ladbrokes Premiership" potential. Maybe best illustrated in an example at this point. Joe Striker comes through in my youth intake. He has a CA of 90 and a PA of 110. My coaches report him as having the potential to become a "leading Ladbrokes Championship player" A couple of years into his career, he has been training well, banged in 20 goals on loan at a good Championship club. His CA is up at, say, 105, just 5 off his PA yet he's only 20 years old. At the end of season training summary, the coaches say "Joe Striker has shown remarkable progress recently and is now judged to potentially become a good Ladbrokes Premiership player" - the game reassess his PA and shifts it up to, say 120. As I said before, FIFA Manager had a similar system a decade ago and it was a better game for it (one of the better features in the car crash that ended that franchise). It gives the player greater incentive to invest in those youth players who may only seem like potential squad filler and also allows managers to bring up players to a higher standard with them. Look at the players who rose through the football league with Swansea City. They didn't become star players in the Premiership, but they were solid squad players. I just don't think I've ever seen this in Football Manager.
  10. I understand what Raptor is getting at here, and largely agree. For what it's worth, the old FIFA Manager games about 10 years ago had a system whereby if a young player was training and developing well, had a good attitude and stable environment, then his PA (or whatever their equivalent was) could increase. Likewise with poor development and PA decrease. It was good because it meant a young prospect developing well wasn't suddenly stopped by a hard limiting factor. I'd love to see something in Football Manager that allowed this too, because it's pretty disappointing when you have a good young player in your low-to-mid-level team who performs and develops well, but by age 21 can never improve further even when with good development attributes (professionalism etc), playing well, against better opposition, training with better coaches in better training facilities. You wouldn't expect him to turn into a world beater just because his team's improved greatly, but you wouldn't be surprised if he held his own as a solid squad player even when at 16/17 he never seemed destined for much.
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