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  1. I'm looking to use this as a base for my own custom setup - replacing all the teams in the professional leagues with new clubs on an even footing. Creating and swapping in the new clubs is no bother, but I'm having some trouble setting up promotion / relegation for the U18s. I've set up promotion/relegation in the advanced rules as Scottish U18 League (main format) / Stages / Stage 0 - elit (Leauge) / League Settings / Qualification Rules / Relegation Rules / Number of relegation places: 1, competition relegated to: Scottish U18 Performance League, min / max overall relegation places: 1 Scottish U18 League (main format) / Stages / Stage 1 - perf (Leauge) / League Settings / Qualification Rules / Promotion Rules / Number of promotion places: 1, competition promoted to: Scottish U18 Elite League, min / max overall Promotion places: 1 When I view the U18s in-game at Overview / Rules, it says the promotion & relegation rules are all as they should be. Simming to the end of the season shows the team bottom of the Elite league as (R) and the team top of the tier 2 league as (C), but come the next season the teams are all in the same division. After year 1, Killie U18s show as relegated but are right back in there for year 2. Hibs U18s finished bottom of the elite league 2 seasons in a row, marked in the table as relegated, but just stay up there. So... What am I missing?
  2. I punted Alawi Mohammed in the January window - 5'9 with 2 strength wasn't going to cut it as a DLF - and brought back Jonas Wind from his loan. The improvement was incredible, with the only real black mark being a 3-2 aggregate loss against Inter in the Champions League. Wind got 13 goals in 18 games and was involved in a lot of the build-up for other goals, and we racked up a few demolitions - three at 7-0 and one at 6-0. I think my other problem should be fixed by the new patch, going by the "fewer shots from the byline" in the release notes. Improvements to finishing CCCs should be interesting too.
  3. In my FM20 save with Rangers, I'm finding a lot of my players really struggling to meet their potential, with coaches saying they need more experience at a higher level. Generally in previous games these players would still be able to max out playing in Scottish football, but now it seems there's more of a hard limit due to the relatively low level of opposition. Am I right on this?
  4. Let me see how I get on in the second half of the season with a DLP and I'll report back. Already had what looks like a little improvement playing Alawi Mohammed (a real player I signed on a free from Al Jazira) as a false 9 - he doesn't have the physicality to play as a DLF. Another issue I'm having - and I think this one might just be down to the match engine - is my inside forwards running down the edge of the six-yard box then blasting shots into the side netting from what can't be better than a 5° angle. This happens half a dozen or so times a game and is bloody annoying. Is there any way to stop them doing this, maybe by taking on the shot sooner? I don't want to tell them to shoot more often only for them to take even more low-percentage shots instead of passing to someone in a better position.
  5. Thanks, this makes sense as the best success I had with a forward was with Morelos as a pressing forward, although his goals dried up for a whole season too and I ended up flogging him to Roma before his value tanked. I've got a DLF (Jonas Wind - I only bought him because Celtic wanted him...) out on loan who I might recall in the January window, see if he can contribute a bit more.
  6. It's for those games we don't win - the shock cup losses and the tougher European games. Those are the ones that really feel like I'm playing a man down. Getting better returns from my strikers in those games would make a massive difference in terms of our club progress. I get so little out of them that I'm almost considering dropping the AF out entirely and just adding an extra body in midfield, but that doesn't really give any explanation as to why my forwards are so uninvolved in games.
  7. I'm currently a few seasons into a save with Rangers, playing a 4-2-3-1 gegenpress. LB and RB are always wing backs (At), CMs are usually a BWM & AP or a BBM & DLP. CAM typically a SS, occasionally an AP or Enganche (to try to utilise a 34 year old Mesut Ozil). Wide men are pretty much always IFs, and the striker pretty much always an AF. As you'd expect, we dominate possession against most other Scottish teams. Results tend to be good too, so far in the current season I have won 8 from 8 with a goal difference of 23 (scored 25, conceded 2). I have two very similar forwards who can take the AF role, both very quick (Acc/Pace 16/16), both 17 for finishing, 16 first touch, 14 technique, lowest is 14 for dribbling. Mental stats aren't quite so good - one has 16 OTB the other only 10, composure at 12/10 respectively. Basically, these two guys should both be able to make mincemeat of Scottish football. One has 5 goals in 23 appearances, the other 11 goals in 31 (maybe a third of these games played on the wing). Watching games in detail, other than chasing after long balls, running down the channel and smashing it into the side netting, neither really ever seems to do much. Goals typically come from the IFs and the SS. I'd be fine with my strikers being low on goals if they were involved in a lot of the link-up play, but between them they have 3 assists from their combined 54 appearances. I understand that playing with IFs and a SS means I should expect the goals to be distributed across the team more, but it almost feels like playing with a man down as it is. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to tweak the tactic to get more out of these guys? Ideally I'd like to take advantage of their massive goalscoring potential to get my numbers up more, but I'm also considering just selling them both and bringing in someone I can play as a DLF to help the rest of the attackers out more.
  8. Every game of FM I play, youth development is always a big focus for me, I know the general dos and don'ts and what to look for when signing young players. I'm playing the San Marino challenge for the first time though, which means for the first time I'm really having to focus on my internal youth recruitment and development rather than scouting out the best youngsters from other teams. The general game is going fairly well, it's 2033, we've won the Serie A a few times, CL finalists a couple of times, and the national team got to the quarters of the World Cup (favourable draw and database settings probably helped me there). I'm hitting a bit of a block trying to bring through top quality Sammarinese youth now though. I have; Junior Coaching: Excellent Youth Recruitment: Extensive Youth Facilities: State of the art HOYD: Gokhan Inler (WWY 12; JPA 14; JPP 12; Model Citizen, Mental coaching style) I went for Inler because I reckoned his personality and coaching style would lead to a preference for young players with strong personalities and mental stats. He is given the youth development responsibility, so I've not made an oversight there. The problem I have is that the players in my youth intake are almost invariably dire. I'll get a couple of players with balanced personalities, then the rest will generally be unambitious, low determination, or low self-belief, with the occasional spineless or casual thrown in. In terms of PA, there will be three of four at 2-3 stars, then the rest below that - this part I can deal with, you can't expect a world-beater every year. My current best prospect is a 4-5 star PA RB, but his personality is low determination, over two years I've managed to bring his determination up from 2 to 5. This brings me to my next problem... When I sign a few players from the youth intake, I'll take the ones with the poorest personalities to train with the first team and be mentored by the experienced players with the best personalities. I'll sign cheap, low-ability kids with strong personalities to bulk out the rest of the youth team (I put everyone in the U20s, U18s is unused and has no staff). I've sold star players with balanced personalities just to stop them bringing down the rest of the squad, replacing them with rotation players who are resolute, spirited, or similar. None of this seems to help though, as newly signed kids with light influence gain nothing from first-teamers with significant influence in their mentoring groups (I keep similar positions/roles together). Anyone I sign with a 18-20 determination will decay down to 12-15 in time (I know this isn't the be all and end all, but it's the only attribute I can track numerically). It's all starting to feel a bit futile. I really need to understand what I can do to improve these two areas How do I encourage players with good personalities into my youth intake? How can I best improve the personality of the young players I do get? As the only serious source of Sammarinese talent, it's important I figure this one out, so all advice is appreciated.
  9. I'd actually like to do a slightly less ambitious version of what 'Appy 'Ammer is after. Specifically, I'd like to level off country coefficients permanently, so that each country gets the same number of teams entered into the Champions League / UEFA Cup, then I'd like to level off club coefficients permanently, so seeding no longer has any effect when groups are being drawn. Is this even possible?
  10. I can go on tours to plenty of other places though. I could go on a tour of West Africa if I wished, but I can't go on a tour of Japan. It's quite common here for teams to play a couple of friendlies in warmer countries during the winter break. Rangers flew off to Florida to play a few friendlies during the winter break this year, but in the game I just don't have the option to go to these places.
  11. We've got about £30m in the bank, and other far-flung destinations are available. For instance, I can go on a tour of "North America" and play small US teams, but I can't go on a tour of the USA itself. It's as though the game is blocking access to the typical "money" tours. Don't know if club reputation has anything to do with it?
  12. I'm currently manager of Hibernian, hit a bit of bad form just coming up to the winter break. I figured a money-spinning tour playing some weak teams would do it for morale, but I can't seem to tour a lot of the "major" countries, ie USA, Australia, China, Japan (or any of East Asia). Is there any reason behind this?
  13. I'm using MozzaGaming's Full Scottish Pyramid data as the basis of this, which adds the lower leagues into the Scottish pyramid as in real life. I want to add a few of the U20s from the bigger teams into the league system, and started off by adding Rangers U20s into the Lowland League, and removed Hawick from the league to balance out the numbers. I have enabled "allow B teams to be promoted from lower division" for all leagues in the professional pyramid. When I start the game, Rangers U20s are in the Lowland League as they should be, but after simming a season in which they won the league and playoffs, they just disappear from the professional league structure entirely, with Hawick inexplicably taking their promoted place in League 2. What am I doing wrong here?
  14. He looks like just the ticket. Already moved on to Leverkusen in my game though, so out of the price range now. I ended up picking up Jon Gaztañaga for £550k, and he'll do for the next couple of years but still has a lot of what to me is wasted skill - good dribbling, passing, vision etc that just isn't necessary for the role.
  15. This was my triumphant first-season league win. 1-0 down, Ryan Jack gets sent off around the 55th minute (obviously...). I switched to 3 at the back, pushed the midfielders further forwarded, and somehow came out with the win. I signed Anthony Lozano for £1m from Barcelona in January of the first season and he's been an absolutely bargain of a buy so far. Other good buys have been Percy Tau and Humam Tariq on free transfers, Luka Adzic for £1.4m from Red Star Belgrade. Edison Flores has been decent buy at £1.1m too. I also brought Giorgos Efraim back for £2.4m, but I ended up overloaded on wingers (Tau and Adzic are my first choices, and MoH is still doing well for me too) so I sold him on to Ipswich for a healthy £6.5m in the January window of the second season. Just brought in Dhurgham Ismail to add to my young Iraqi contingent as a long-term replacement for Lee Wallace. £525k has just got me Jon Gaztañaga, and I'm hoping he'll be my solid ball-winning midfielder for the next couple of seasons. I'm running away with the league in the second season, mainly because Celtic have done so bad. They brought Koeman in as manager after Rodgers went to Newcastle, and from 25 games so far they've already drawn 8 and lost 3. They drew 5 and lost 4 in the whole of the previous season. By contrast, I'm on 2 draws and 1 loss from 25. Formation is 4-2-3-1 wide, with slow tempo and short passing. I switched from a more swashbuckling tactic at the end of the first season, and it really seems to have paid off in terms of striker efficiency. The team is averaging around 50% shots on target, scoring around a third of the shots on target. I think we're having fewer shots in total, but the quality of chances we're creating seems to be far better. Oh yeah, and I signed Walter González for £550k in the first season, he's my best striker but for some reason just can't get a game for Paraguay, and every work permit application has failed. He's currently on loan at Zaragoza where his value is up at £8m, but it seems I'll never get the chance to actually play him.
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