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  1. no difference but overall game is better after all the adjustments. still game is not smoothly working
  2. I've emailed it also you can find it here. Belarc Advisor Computer Profile_hsync01.html
  3. it's not almost playable with Intel one. the game slighty better with Nvidia but those litte delays are really annoying. What happens if upgrade my ram from 4gb to 12gb?
  4. Hi Felix, There are 30,000 players. DxDiag hsync01.txt
  5. The game is very slow and laggy when i move screen to screen. Fps does not stay constant the only time i see constant FPS is when watching a highlight during a match. Match highlights works perfectly even with very high quality opitons. But when i in menu or in every other screens game is not working smoohtly. it's laggy. also processing time does not proceed very well. I've done couple of things that suggested here like uninstall and reinstall FM after removing AV and deleting cache and deleting preferences, reverify cache but didnt work. and btw I've purchased the game on November 10 but I've been not able to played the game so far. 0
  6. Hi Neil, This is exactly what happens to me. What should i do about it?
  7. My laptop is not that bad and easily meets the requirement (nvidia gtx 850M, 4 gb ram) but the game is running very slow it takes 5 sec when click a player's profile I don't know why. And it's not about the leagues I added. My ram isn't enough ? Basically I can't play. DxDiag.txt
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