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  1. Bear in mind that in real life many of the so called home grown players were acquired just as their older multi-million-saga counterparts, by scouting and buying. Use the public knowledge of the regen dates and scout every fresh youth intake in the world (yes, every single one). This way you never miss a true star player, and even if they don´t want to join you at the time of their entering the frame, you can still save them for later. And if you by chance convince an english youngster with 16 years of age barely a month after joining their "breed"-club and raise him to a world-class international, who would say he is not a product of your academy? Also, I have many players with 2 stars who mostly sit on the bench and still make tremendous impact, just because they are with the club their entire professional career, whereas if I am forced to buy a rotation/backup player for a position with the same star rating, they simply fail - no matter how many years you give them. So my advice would be, not to discard these players, they are the most loyal and consistent ones, and these are the most important attributes for a backup player. Oh my, I just realized, this is a 2 year old thread. Is still anyone playing this version apart from me obviously?
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